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Typeface used

Jolly Phonics uses the Sassoon® infant typeface.

This is one of the Sassoon family of typefaces, developed through research with children, based on the handwriting they are taught, and on what they find easiest to read.

Sasson Typeface title=

The long ascenders and descenders clarity, and the exit strokes help to lead into joined-up/cursive writing

In the US and Canada, the semi-cursive style of Sassoon infant is often not the school policy. As a result, besides the North American edition of The Phonics Handbook (JL081), there is The Phonics Handbook with Print Letters (JL952). This uses Sassoon Sans, a print letter version of the Sassoon Infant typeface. (Note that this edition is for North America). There is a corresponding UK version (JL784) for the rest of the world.

Le Manuel Phonique (for teaching French as a first language) also uses the Sassoon Type face, as it is primarily designed for use in Canada.

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