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What do you expect from a Jolly Phonics Workshop?

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Click here to read the full summary of Santina DiMauro’s training in Malaysia covering Jolly Phonics, Grammar and Spelling, Reading with Phonics, Comprehension and for the first time in Malaysia, Jolly Phonics for the Interactive Whiteboard.111 


Excerpt: Jolly Phonics Training in Malaysia 2014 by Santina DiMauro


“Grammar is fun because we dance all the time!”
Jolly student, Grade 2


Professional learning in Malaysia has always been a successful and rewarding experience. This year was no exception as the interest about Jolly Phonics has continued to build momentum throughout schools, Kindergartens and Learning Centres….

During the Jolly Phonics workshop, all participants joined in with the number of planned activities demonstrating the fun and multi-sensory approach to phonics. The activities were also designed to show the Jolly Phonics skills in action.

Over 100 teachers spent the day not only learning how to pronounce the 42 sounds of the English language but also practised the skills of blending and segmenting sounds. Teachers and parents demonstrated the effectiveness of ‘phoneme fingers’ as they determined the sounds in sequence in words. This was such a powerful activity especially for those new to synthetic phonics.

The Reading with Phonics workshop provided teachers with an important message: we must show children how to transfer all this wonderful knowledge of Jolly Phonics to reading and writing.

The best part of this day was co-ordinating the rotation of over 100 teachers around phonics based activities. However, watching teachers attempt to play Hop Scotch with tricky words was fun too.