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Dr. SV Gomathi

S V GomathiMumbai, Hyderabad & across India
Dr. S.V. Gomathi (PhD in Education) is currently working as Education Consultant for private and government schools. She was the first to trial Jolly Phonics in India for the ESL children in Hyderabad, India and found the programme helped children achieved outstanding results. This led her to recommend J0lly Phonics to schools and parents. Her vision is to empower children through quality education with a special focus on English and to provide children access to good quality schools. She has trained more than 5000 teachers in India. She was the first to trial Jolly Phonics in Delhi government schools through ARK (NGO) later in West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya – an Education Ministry of Meghalaya initiative. She has taught nearly 500 students in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Dr. SV Gomathi travels around India providing training, mentoring service and curriculum development for pre-primary to class 2 in private and government schools. Register for courses on her website.