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10 Tips to Avoid the Chaos of Back to School!

A new school year can bring nerves and anxiety to your child; it’s understandable, given that it’s kind of a big deal. So how can you help to reduce the stress ahead of the big day? We’ve come up with 10 top tips that can help to give your child the best possible start to the new school year!


1. Take them shopping. Show your child how exciting it is to be going to school by involving them in your shopping, be it their uniform, pencil case, bag or lunches. It helps to shed a positive light on the idea of school.


2. Establish their bed time. Over the summer holidays, your child may have gotten into a bad routine of staying up later than usual. To make sure they’re feeling fresh for the next school year, make sure they start their new bed-time routine in the days before the first day back, so that they are in the habit of getting a proper night’s rest before school.


3. Get everything ready the night before. Having their uniform laid out and their packed lunch prepared means that you won’t leave anything to chance during the madness of the morning.


4. Set the alarm early. Reduce the stress of rushing around at the last minute by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier. It will make getting ready for the first day easier, and will also set the standard for the rest of the school year.


5. Prepare a nice breakfast, as chosen by your child. Starting school, or going back for a new year, can be a nerve-wracking experience. So ask your child what they would most like to have as a special breakfast and prepare it for them on their first morning. It allows them to start the day in the best possible mood.


6. Ban the electronics. Your child may want to watch TV or play on the iPad, but it can cause unnecessary arguments on the first morning as you fight for their attention.


7. Talk to them. If they’re nervous about starting or returning to school, try to reassure them by focussing on the positives.


8. Let them take a personal object to school with them. Taking a special object with them, such as a small toy or keyring, may help to soothe any first-day anxiety by holding on to something familiar.


9. Plan an activity for the end of the day. Having something to look forward to – be it going out to their favourite restaurant, seeing family or going to the park – means that your child can have something positive to focus on throughout the day.


10. Keep calm! Nothing ever seems to work out as planned, so even amidst the chaos, you can keep your child peaceful and feeling safe by staying as calm as possible yourself!


We hope your child has a wonderful start to the new school year!