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13 Spooky Halloween Phonics Activities

With Halloween approaching, we’ve come up with 13 spooky phonics activities for children of all abilities. From concocting bubbling potions to breaking witches’ spells, no one will be scared by these exciting activities!


1. Spider Web Jump A fun, active game where children must jump around a spider’s web on the floor, finding the letter that has been said.


2. Spider Web Jump with Sticky Tricky Words With tricky words placed around the spider’s web, more advanced children can throw spiders into the web; if it lands on a tricky word they must pronounce it correctly to move towards the centre of the web.


3. Alphabet Pumpkins Children must find letters stuck around a pumpkin, sounding out the letter sounds individually or to create Halloween words like ‘bat’ and ‘cat’!


4. Wonderful Witch Spelling Potions Create magical colourful potions that encourage children to spell out different letter sounds and words!


5. Magic Phonic Application The teacher becomes the magical witch in this game where an object is removed from the table and children must spell out what is missing.


6. Letter Sound Pumpkin Encourage children to spell words using the letter sound in the middle of the pumpkin. Extra points for Halloween themed words!


7. Either-Or Halloween Sounds Using two Halloween pictures, children can respond to the teacher’s words, holding up the correct picture when they hear the corresponding letter sound in a word.


8. Trick or Treat Letters! In this game children can go trick-or-treating around the room to find letter sounds- if they pronounce the letter sound correctly they receive a treat!


9. Tricky or Treat Words Practise tricky words by saying a word and asking children to respond with ‘Trick!’ if it’s a tricky word and ‘Treat!’ if it’s not.


10. Witch’s Stew Sounds Create a witches’ stew full of letters and let children search through to find letters or spell words!


11. Good Witch Bad Witch Stuck in the Spell A Halloween twist on Stuck in the Mud! The ‘Bad Witch’ can cast a spell on children, but the ‘Good Witch’ can release them if they can successfully say the sound they show them.


12. Witch’s Silent Spell A silencing spell is cast on a child- they must spell out a word using only the actions for the letter sound. When the class works out the whole word, the spell is lifted!


13. Bubbling Magic Potion Recipe In this activity children can use their imagination to write a list of ingredients for their magical potion, before using adjectives to describe each item.