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Easter Eggs Activity

Children are shown two baskets: one which says ‘Easter’ on it, and another which says ‘eggs’ on it. A selection of different words are written onto Easter eggs (cardboard templates or plastic shells). Some of these words will contain a long ‘ee’ sound (as in ‘Easter’) whilst others will contain a short ‘e’ sound (as in ‘eggs’). Of course, some eggs shouldn’t contain either of these sounds in them.


These words must then be sounded out – either with the teacher reading them aloud, or individual children – to discover whether or not they contain a long or short vowel sound. They can then put the egg into the correct basket!


This activity can be done as a whole class on the interactive whiteboard to begin with. After spending some time with the whole class, this activity can then be done in pairs. The eggs can be turned upside down, with children taking it in turns to pick an egg and sound it out. If they pick an egg which contains a long (‘ee’) or short (‘e’) vowel sound, and they can correctly say the word and identify the sound, they win the point and put it in their basket. If they get it wrong, or they pick a word without either of these sounds, it goes back in the pile. The winner is the child with the most eggs in their baskets!