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Fishing for Phonics Activity

Get the children in your class fishing for phonics with this fun activity!

For this activity, you will need: card, scissors, glue, string, straws, small magnets, paper clips, card laminator.


Print off a selection of fish templates on to card, for children to cut out (and decorate, if they want to do so). On each fish, you should write a different letter sound, and then stick a small magnet* to the top. (If you want to actually submerge these fish into water to make it ever more realistic, then laminate the fish before sticking on the magnets.)


For the fishing rod, tie a knot in a piece of string and thread the rest of it all the way through a plastic straw. Tie a paper clip to the other end of the string.


The fish can then be placed in a box or bucket. If they have been laminated, you can then fill this with water. The children can then use their fishing rods to go fishing, with the paper clip at the end of their rods connecting with the magnets on the fish.


When a fish has been ‘caught’, children should lift it out and say the letter sound. They may then either return them to the box, or keep them in order to eventually start building simple CVC words as they gather different fish. (You may wish to do this as a competition, with children scoring points if they catch fish that can spell a CVC word.)


This is also a great activity for practising specific letter sounds, by writing a selection of different words that contain a certain sound, or for alternative spellings of letter sounds. You may even want to try it with tricky words!

*if you don’t have any magnets, you can bend a paper clip around to create a hook. Children can then try to hook the fish with the paper clips that are on the end of their rods.