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Letter Sound Stuck in the Mud Activity

Children will think that playtime has continued throughout your lesson, but they’ll actually be revising their letter sounds!

If you’re not familiar with the concept of ‘stuck in the mud’, allow us to explain. One child is ‘it’, and chases the other children. If the child who is ‘it’ manages to touch another child, that child gets ‘stuck in the mud’ and must stand frozen with their legs and arms spread apart. Usually, to unfreeze those who are stuck, children will have to crawl between their legs, run under their arms or do something else to ‘get them out’.

In this version, three children in the class become ‘letter sound rescuers’, who have different notepads containing a selection of different letter sounds written on them. They must run up to children who are stuck and show them three different letter sounds.

In order to unfreeze themselves, the child must successfully say each letter sound (and do the action, if you wish!) shown by the rescuer. However, if they get any of them wrong, the rescuer must leave, and the stuck child must wait for another rescuer to come to them. (This is a great opportunity to see which children are having difficulty with their letter sounds.)