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Lovely Valentine’s Day Phonics Activities


We LOVE phonics, so this Valentine’s Day we’ve picked 5 of our favourite activities that you can do with your class! Let your children fall in love with reading and writing…


1) Broken Hearts

Simple CVC words are written on some hearts that have sadly been broken, so children must compete with each other to find the correct letter sound and fix the broken hearts!


2) Cupid’s Arrow Blending

Children get creative as they create new words when Cupid’s Arrow passes through a heart! (With FREE downloadable template!)


3) Love Letter (Sounds) Delivery

Children become postmen and must find their partner in the class so that they can deliver their love letters (sounds)!


4) My Lovely Hearts

A sorting game for practising when the letter ‘y’ makes an ‘ie’ sound, as in the word ‘my’, and when the letter ‘y’ makes an ‘ee’ sound, as in the word ‘lovely’!


5) Rose Bouquet

Roses with different letter sounds can be made into bouquets to create words. (And beautiful displays!)


Do you have any Valentine’s activities ideas you’d like to share with us? We’d LOVE to hear about anything you do in your classroom that has been successful! And we’ll even pick some out to share them with subscribers in future editions of our Jolly VIP List so that even more teachers can benefit. Simply email me at with your ideas – we’d love to hear from you!