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Outdoor Phonics Activities for the Summer!

With summer well and truly here,¬†we’re taking advantage of the warmer weather – which never tends to last long here in the UK – by taking our phonics teaching outside of the classroom! Why not give these activities a try with your class outdoors?


1) Fishing for Phonics

Let your children go fishing for letter sounds, using their own rods and a set of letter sound fish who are eager to bite!


2) Tricky Word Bowling

A classic game of ten-pin bowling with a tricky word twist!


3) Letter Sound Stuck in the Mud

‘Stuck in the Mud’ is a staple of the primary playground. Add in some letter sounds, and children will feel like they’re still on their break time whilst learning!


4) Rollerball Letter Sounds

Bowling the ball into a variety of goals for children to sound out different words!


5) Tricky Word Playground

Get the children exploring the playground in search of those sneaky tricky words!


Do you have an outdoor phonics activity you want to share with us? Send us an email at and we might share it in the future with your fellow teaching professionals!