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Suffix Eggs Activity

This activity requires a set of plastic eggs which can be pulled apart to open and close them. (Alternatively, do them on cardboard templates and cut them in half.)


A different root word is written on one half of each egg, with a matching suffix written on to the other half. These are then split up and muddled up (or hidden around the classroom for an egg-citing egg hunt!). Children then need to match the two halves of the eggs to create a correctly formed word.


As children are forming words, be sure to discuss the rules surrounding the spelling patterns of suffixes. For example, children may match the root word ‘happy’ with the suffix ‘ness’. It should then be discussed how, as the root word ends with a ‘y’, this is replaced with an ‘i’ to spell the word ‘happiness’ and not ‘happyness’. (If this is your first lesson on suffixes, you may want to stick to words that are formed without needing to change the spelling pattern, such as talk-ing, pain-less, etc.)