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Training in Hong Kong

Training by Jolly Faith Learning Centre with Andus Li:

#97 Jolly 1 Workshop and #98 Jolly 2 Workshop

Date: 1st October, 2018
Jolly 1 Time: 0930 to 1230
Jolly 2 Time: 1400 to 1700
Venue: Beacon Heights Campus, Hong Kong (participants from Macau, Shenzhen and vicinities are welcome)

Jolly Phonics Overview for Parents and Teachers 卓聆語音®家長教師綜覽課程
Basic concepts, road map, terminology, sounds and actions, storylines, songs, tricky words, blending skills etc. Builds and overall idea with particular attention on the influences attributed to the Chinese speaking environment.

Jolly Phonics Overview for Parents and Teachers 卓聆語音®家長教師綜覽課程
Alternative spellings, teaching tricky words, magic “e”, classroom setting, reading and reading assessment, levelled books, magic writing and transition to writing, lesson plans, syllabication rules, introduction to Jolly Grammar, irregularities, exceptions and practical issues inside the classrooms.

Booking and contact:
Email: or
Telephone: +852 27881866
Fax: +852 27760363

For updated schedules please visit or find us on Facebook here.

Please visit Andus Li’s profile to find out more about Jolly Faith Learning Centre and regarding enquiries for: Jolly Phonics school based training 卓聆語音®校本訓練課程.
School based training comprises of Jolly 1 and 2 as above plus a third session (Jolly 3) after about 6 month’s actual practise in class as a “re-union” for teachers to share their experiences and receive updates from trainers.