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Tricky Word Bowling Activity

The children in your class will be bowled over by how much fun they can have learning the tricky words!

For this activity you will need: plastic bottles, plastic/rubber/sponge ball.

A set of empty plastic bottles will act as your ‘pins’ for this game of bowling. Write a different tricky word on each bottle, before setting them out in a ¬†1-2-3-4 triangle formation. (If you don’t want¬†every bottle to fall over nearly every time, fill them all with a little bit of water. This will make it slightly harder for them to be knocked over – though make sure the lids are on securely!)

Children should then take it in turns to bowl a ball towards the pins from a set distance. If they knock any of the pins down, they have to say or spell the tricky word. You may wish to make them use it in a sentence.

To make it into a competition for the whole class, you may want to turn it in to a game of bingo: children write down a selection of the 10 tricky words used, crossing them off when they are knocked down.