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Tricky Word Playground Activity

Learning the tricky words doesn’t have to be restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Get the children active in the playground, school field or any outdoor space!

In advance of the lesson, print out a selection of tricky words and hide them in various places across the playground.

For the lesson, all children should stand in front of the teacher, who should proceed to read a word aloud. If the word is phonetically regular, the children must all sit down as quickly as possible. (This is a great opportunity to assess children and identify those who are simply following the rest of the class every time.)

If, however, the word is a trick word, the children must search the playground for that word and stand at that location. Alternatively, you may prefer to print off multiple copies of each tricky word and place them in different locations, with children needing to bring them back to you.

You can easily turn this game into a competition but splitting the class into different teams. Points are scored with the first team to all sit down, or bring you the tricky word. This also makes it an excellent cross curricular activity as a warm up idea for your PE lessons.