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Witch’s Stew Sounds

For this activity you will need: a bowl, water, plastic letter shapes and (optional) glitter, food colouring, washing up liquid, Halloween toys

In a big bowl, mix water with washing up liquid, food colouring, glitter, and Halloween toys like plastic spiders and bats to make a bubbling witch’s stew. You can decide what you want to put in and make it as complex or simple as you like!

Pour plastic letter sound shapes into the stew and mix them around. Then, you can ask the child to search through the stew to find a certain letter or sound. To make it more challenging, you can ask them to find the letter sounds at the beginning of, or to spell, their name, or show them pictures of words with simple spellings like ‘cat’ and ‘dog’ and ask them to find the letters to spell these words.

Each time a child pulls a letter sound out, they must say it before either collecting it (if it’s a sound included within the word they are trying to spell) or returning it to the pot (if it’s not a sound within the word).