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Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds App Support

Should you experience any technical difficulties with the Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds App, please read this page first.

There is an information page built into the app where you can get help using the app. You can also switch between British and American audio and precursive or print letter font. To get to the information page keep pressing the button in the top left-hand corner till it shows the blue i button. Press this and you will then see the information page. You can then scroll through the text on the board.


How to reset the app
The app can be easily reset from the information page. Just follow the steps below:

1) Keep touching the buttons in the top left-hand corner of the screen until you get to the information page.

2) Touch the Trash Can, which is poking out from behind the big sign.

3) Complete the mathematical sum by dragging the correct answer to the empty box.

4) Touch the green tick button to confirm.

5) The app is now reset and you will be taken back to the information page.

6) Touch the button in the top left-hand corner of the screen to create a new profile.


How to edit user flower pots (unlock letter sound groups and delete)

There is a “secret” button, which can be accessed from the information page (please see the steps  above to get to the information page) by touching the top right-hand corner of the screen 10 times! From this screen you are able to “cheat” and set a profile to have completed letter sound groups by touching the flower buds to open them on a plant pot profile. You can also change the profile picture for each plant pot from here.


How to enable Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds App in Child mode on certain Kurio Android devices (e.g. Kurio Tab2)
You need to make sure that the child account is signed into the same Google Play store account that the parent used to download the game.

1) Sign into the parents account and tap the Google play store.

2) Create a Google Play store account or enter an existing one.

3) Download the Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds app.

4) Now, come out of the Google Play store and tap the ‘Kurio Genius’ icon on the home screen.

5) Go to ‘App management’ and make sure that your app is authorised so the child account can see it on their profile.

6) Switch over to the child account.

7) Locate the Google Play store icon and sign into the same account you used to download the app on the parent account.

8) Once signed in, come of the Google Play store and locate your app (it will probably be located in ‘all apps’ on the top right of the child home screen).


Multiple User Issue on Android devices

If you are having problems using the app with multiple user accounts on the same device, then please click the following link. You may also see an error message that begins “Some required assets for the Letter Sounds App are missing.”



Error 911 on Android devices

Unfortunately error 911 seems to be a fairly common Android issue associated with larger downloads. For our app the error is likely occurring due to a problem in the download of the OBB file that has assets required for the app to function correctly. Please try the steps below to see if the problem can be resolved:

1. Your device should have a file management app such as “My Files”. Launch this app and look for a folder “Android/obb”. This folder may be on your device’s internal memory or on your SDCARD or in both locations.

2. Check to see if the obb folder has a folder named “com.jollylearning.jollyphonicslettersounds”

3. If the folder is present, navigate inside this folder and check for the presence of a file “” of size 30,83,42,101 bytes (~308.3MB).

4. If multiple files with this name (with a “temp” or numeric prefix) are present then please check if any of the files matches the required file size mentioned above. If any of the obb files matches the size, delete all other versions of the OBB and rename the file with correct size to

5. If in step 4 none of the obb files match the correct size, then delete all these versions and subsequently reinstall the app from the app store on a wifi connection.

6. If the above steps still do not work try changing the default storage to device if it is not already before downloading, then once the app is fully downloaded you can move it to your external storage (e.g. SD card).

  • While on the home screen, tap the “Apps” icon
  • From the Application Menu tap the “Internet” icon
  • Press the “Menu” key and tap “Settings”
  • Under “Advanced”, tap “Content settings”
  • On the Content settings page tap “Default storage” and select “Device”

You may also wish to review this link:


The App is missing or does not download on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches

This seems to be a bug in iOS 8 causing apps to go missing. Please try the following solution:

Open the Settings app on your device. Touch ‘General’, then ‘Usage’, then ‘Manage Storage’. Find the ‘Letter Sounds’ app that is missing and select it. If it says the app is null, touch ‘Delete App’, then login to the app store and re-download it.


Taking pictures crashes the app on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches

This issue affects iOS 8 and is fixed in version 1.0.4. Please ensure you have updated the app. The camera should operate correctly on iOS 6 and 7.

You can also try the following:

Access the settings app and scroll down on the left-hand side and touch ‘Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds’. There should be an option to allow the app to access your device’s camera. Once you accept the app should operate correctly.


Sound issues on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches
If you do not hear any sound coming from the app please check your device first and whether you have sound in any other apps. The problem is most likely due to the mute switch functionality settings. iOS devices have a slide switch near the the volume up and down buttons that can be set to behave as a mute button or for locking the screen rotation. Please check these settings and also ensure the volume is turned up. A simple test is to plug in some headphones and test the volume. Please also check for any app updates from your device. Version 1.0.3 provides an option to override the device sound settings.

This link describes how to configure the side switch in iOS 7/8:

This website may be helpful:

Please also see this link and consider resetting your device as a last resort as explained. Please ensure you have a backup of your data (via iTunes) prior to resetting or updating your device:


Ladybird bonus game issue
If you are unable to complete the game due to ladybirds not reappearing on the screen please ensure you have updated the app. This issue was fixed in version 1.0.1.

In the meantime if you wish to progress to the next letter sounds group without the update,  you can wait approximately 2-3 minutes for the ladybirds to appear on the screen. Once you are done matching the letter sounds you can skip this game, and proceed to the next letter sound.


Further assistance

If this page does not solve your issue and you need further assistance, then please send an email with the description of the problem to Please include the following details:

• your name and contact details.
• your device, model and iOS/Android version. On Apple devices this information can be found in the Settings app by selecting ‘General’, then ‘About’. On Android devices, go to the Settings app and scroll down to select the ‘About’ option.


For general enquires about the app please send an email to