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Jolly Phonics Songs App Support

For users who have no sound please ensure you have updated to the latest version of the app first.

Apple users with no sound

Due to the number of people reporting that there is no sound in this app we have produced a guide showing how to change the settings on your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad. Please click the link below:

If you have the latest version, then please try plugging some headphones into your device and turning up the volume to test if you have sound through them as there can be different audio behaviours and settings for headphones as opposed to your device’s speakers.
You should also check the more obvious causes like the mute button and volume controls on your device.

This next step is written for iPad users but may also be applicable to iPhone and iPod Touch…
Please ensure that the ‘ringer’ on your iPad is turned on. There are some apps that require this and some that do not and it can depend on the function of the app in question and how it uses audio. To check your ringer sound settings on your iPad, please follow the instructions on this website:

You may also find you need to change the behaviour of the mute switch on the right edge of your iPad. Please see this link:

Another helpful link:

The links below only apply to version 1.0 and have since been fixed in later versions.

Apple Users: please click here for a fix for the Jolly Phonics Songs App

Android Users: please click here for a fix for the Jolly Phonics Songs App