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Jolly Learning in Azerbaijan

  • Elnara Hasanova


    Elnara is a Cambridge qualified primary school teacher, full of energy and passion for teaching small children. She graduated from Khazar University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and has spent 5 years teaching English in government schools before becoming a Head Teacher of Evika School in 2016. From the use of Jolly Phonics in her classes, Elnara has achieved unbelievable results with her students and has successfully developed her knowledge and skill in the English language.
    Currently working as the Director of the Cambridge Primary Department, Elnara controls the training of English teachers within the school. With her background of using Jolly Phonics, Elnara sees this as the key to successfully train teachers so that everyone can achieve greater results in English with their students.
    Elnara is happy to share her experiences on using Jolly Phonics and wishes for all primary school students in Azerbaijan to read English fluently.

    You can find Elnara on Facebook here

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    All of Azerbaijan
  • Samira Teymurova


    Samira is a deputy principal at a private school and running her newly opened Jolly Learning Centre in Baku.Samira Teymurova

    With certifications in methodology and theory at UCLA and the Middle Leader programme at Edge Hill University, Samira has taught Jolly Phonics for years at international schools. The excellent results achieved by this programme led Samira to write a Jolly-inspired kindergarten curriculum; she believes every child and teacher deserve to benefit from the best phonic teaching. Recently awarded “Best Teacher of the Year” by the Republic of Azerbaijan, Samira has been an expert in their latest assessment of English textbooks.

  • Jolly Learning in Azerbaijan!

    One of our Jolly Trainers in Azerbaijan, Elnara Hasanova, has been doing some wonderful work across the country to bring Jolly Phonics to as many school as possible!

    She has recently launched her brand new website,, where you can find more information on all the work that she and her team are doing.

    You can find more information on their Facebook and Instagram pages.