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Jolly Learning Training in Brunei

Aida Muhammad Yasin

Aida Muhammad Yasin has been teaching with Jolly Phonics since 2004.  Her teaching career started in Kuala Lumpur, and continued from 2000 in Brunei. She has seen a huge difference with Jolly Phonics, especially with the younger children.  She gives training and shares experience with other teachers in order to beat illiteracy!


Cynthia Peiyeong

Cynthia-PeiyeongCynthia has been using Jolly Phonics since 2007 and is currently working in a literacy centre in Brunei. Cynthia has been amazed with the progress of the children using the programme systematically. She has seen marvellous results in children; even for those with special needs. Cynthia believes it makes learning so much fun and the multi-sensory method is effective for children with different learning styles. Cynthia would like to share her experiences with more teachers and parents un order to help their children to achieve and raise up the literacy standard.

+673 7128016
Brunei, Malaysia