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Jolly Learning Training in Bulgaria

Jennifer Bannister


Having worked as a volunteer teacher in a remote school in Tanzania on and off for several years, she decided that the classroom was where she loved to be. Jennifer has a background in special needs and international education. Her specialist area is EFL, in particular, working with very young learners. Jennifer is passionate about helping children to communicate, and has had the privilege of working with children from many walks of life. She is interested in PECS, Makaton and of course, synthetic phonics. Jolly Phonics is a key feature of her teaching. Jennifer is director and teacher of her own language centre in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. The focus of the school is to provide children with synthetic phonics instruction in the most fun and memorable way!

She is happy to travel in the Varna region to offer training and support.

Varna region

Meliha Chausheva

Meliha ChaushevaMeliha Chausheva is a highly experienced kindergarten teacher. She has taught in several English kindergartens as the main teacher in Reception class. Her passion to make the learning process fun and exciting for the children made her search for other challenges. She sees the programme as a tool that allows children to develop their full potential through the exciting journey of learning. She is also pleased to observe children gaining self –confidence during the process. Meliha finds Jolly Phonics one of the most rewarding programmes as teachers can see the results of their work shortly after they have made the first steps. She is happy to share experience with other teachers around Bulgaria and on the Balkans.

359 885 76 42 61
Bulgaria and the Balkans