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Jolly Learning in Colombia

  • Andrés Felipe Vanegas Fernández

    Andres-Felipe Vanegas FernandezCali

    Andrés Felipe Vanegas Fernández is an experienced teacher and bilingual coordinator who provides training in the synthetic method and the innovation of Jolly phonics from preschool to primary levels; he has been working as an English Teacher and bilingual advisor. Andrés currently works as a bilingual coordinator in Jardín Tía Nora and Liceo los Alpes School in Cali, Colombia. He has literacy training at Dayton University in Ohio, USA, as well as Jolly Phonics Courses on Reading and writing.  He has led two projects establishing the bilingualism Program based on synthetic phonics and jolly phonics method in a Spanish-speaking context. Andrés provides training in Latin America and Colombia; he visits schools sharing his experience and supporting Bilingual Programs.

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    Latin America (based in Colombia)