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Jolly Learning in Egypt

  • Susan Saleh

    Susan-SalehSusan Saleh, assistant headteacher and responsible for curriculum development (lower school), specialises in the Early Years in an International British School in Cairo. “I am a strong advocate of Jolly Phonics as I have witnessed amazing outcomes with all learners (EAL, children with learning disabilities and the gifted and talented). Children not only enjoy learning through this fun, animated, multi-sensory method but are stretched tremendously.” Teachers, parents and administrators have all taken a key interest into learning this methodology after witnessing the outstanding results. Susan has held many workshops – training both teachers and parents – whilst spreading her passion. She has also supported and supervised schools in introducing Jolly Phonics from the Early Years up through to Key Stage 1.

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  • Rehab El Sokary

    Rehab El SokaryRehab El Sokary has taught with Jolly Phonics for many years at one of the most reputable schools in Alexandria. She has seen the positive outcome with the young learners and the importance of this kind of teaching. She is keen to help other teachers achieve these same results. She now runs her own English enrichment centre called Start Smart.

  • Amatullah Bint-Marsh

    Amatullah has been a Montessori Directress for the last ten years and Teacher Trainer for the last five years, alternating between the UK and Egypt. She currently offers training in the Montessori Method and Child Development, as well as TESOL and TEFL, as well as Jolly Phonics, at her centre in New Cairo. She first used Jolly Phonics ten years ago with her own children and thereafter in schools in the UK and Egypt, and has worked with teachers in Egypt on how to use the programme. Jolly Phonics has been by far the most effective phonics programme that she has used with both English and ESL students and she is eager to share it with other teachers. She is based in Cairo, but is willing to travel further afield at request.

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  • Training in Egypt

    Cairo, Tagamoa el Khamis


    Training by Susan Saleh:

    Jolly Phonics Parents Workshop

    Date: Saturday 4th February 2017
    Time: 1pm – 2:30pm
    Venue: Tot’s College, Ritaj Compound, Gate 5, Behind Concord Plaza

    Are your children using Jolly Phonics at school? Do you want to ensure that you are helping them in the best possible way? This workshop provides parents with a concise and fun introduction to Jolly Phonics. You will learn the 5 basic skills that are taught in Jolly Phonics; letter sounds (with actions), letter formation, blending techniques (reading), segmenting/identifying sounds in words (writing and spelling) and lastly, tricky words.

    This workshop will enable you to support your child’s learning – from pre nursery all the way to key stage 1 and beyond!

    For more details, call mobile 0111 9900900 or 0111 4800800 or email

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