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Jolly Learning in Fiji

  • Delana Seta


    Delana Seta has been teaching Class One on Beqa island with Jolly Phonics for many years.  The children he teaches enjoy it and are excited by the programme, with all of them doing well.  In a recent Class One Annual Examination he found the children did not need the question read to them – they were able to read them from the paper!  He readily gives training for teachers and he is keen to see Jolly Phonics used throughout Fiji.

  • Filming Jolly Phonics in Fiji

    The Jolly word continues to spread across the world, aiming to reach all children to support them in acquiring a high level of attainment in the English language by using Jolly Phonics. These videos from Geetanjali; the Acting Education Officer for Standardised Testing, Examinations and Assessment Unit, Ministry of Education, highlights how underperforming schools can benefit from the child centred, multi-sensory, synthetic phonics programme that is the wonderful Jolly Phonics!

    Watch the video on Literacy and Numeracy Strategies for Years 3 to 8 here.

    Watch the video on the use of Jolly Phonics training materials for Years 1 and 2 here.