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Jolly Learning in Hong Kong

  • Andus Li

    Andus Li established Jolly Faith Learning Centre in 1998 and since then has been educating young children in Hong Kong and mainland China. Andus holds a first degree from Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master of Education degree from Baptist University. She had authored a series of text book on phonics currently used by many kindergartens.

    Andus is experienced in using phonics in early literacy development with English as the second language. Andus and JFLC regularly conduct workshops for parents and teachers on localised teaching method employing Jolly Phonics and also served the main kindergarten chains in Hong Kong to train in-service teachers. She also participated in local university researches on teaching English in kindergartens.

    李影影1998年创立Jolly Faith Learning Centre,致力教育香港及中国幼儿,并提升幼师的教学质素。李女士拥有香港中文大学学士学位及香港浸会大学教育硕士学位,并已出版一系列广为香港幼儿园采用的语音课本。李女士和JFLC定期举办老师及家长工作坊,推介Jolly Phonics和本地化教学法,并向香港主要教育团体提供在职幼师训练及课程设计协助,更参与本地大学的幼儿园英语教学研究工作。

    (852) 27881866
  • Beverly Sace

    Beverly Sace

    Hong Kong

    Beverly is an experienced native early years language teacher and has a British masters in Teaching English to Young Learners, specialising on the second language literacy acquisition of children aged 0-6, in which she investigated the reading and spelling of young children through Jolly Phonics in an ESL context.

    Beverly runs Sunflowers Literacy Centre in Kwun Tong and has been providing CPD and inset courses on synthetic phonics (Jolly Phonics of course!), spelling, punctuation and grammar (Jolly Grammar), as well as phonemic awareness for the past 7 years through the training company Literacy Asia. She is an inclusive education speaker and researcher at a local university, a school literacy consultant and ELT author of Vocabfonix, which uses Jolly Phonics to teach spelling of vocabulary and the special Jolly Phonics font. Beverly has taught teachers at the British Council and is currently embarking on doctoral studies in literacy and language.

    Beverly personally teaches children with mild learning difficulties using Jolly Phonics, which has yielded spectacular progress for her students. She has also started delivering courses to parents, on how to support their children’s reading at home, thereby increasing and speeding reading acquisition. Jolly Phonics is Beverly’s programme of choice – it works excellently with very young learners, delayed readers, as well as children with special needs.


    +852 3481 0985
    Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Thailand
  • Winnie Pang

    winnie-newWinnie is an experienced and qualified teacher of English as a foreign language. She has used Jolly Phonics with very young Asian learners and seen excellent results – their literacy develops at a steady pace and they keep returning for more as their confidence grows! The multi-sensory programme has also helped Winnie to create an engaging and positive learning context, which is vital for teaching young learners.

    Having previously been Phonics Coordinator of the British Council Hong Kong, Winnie has played a major role in developing and writing their popular six-semester programme for young learners, and their four-semester course for older pupils.

    Winnie currently teaches Phonics and other young learner courses for the British Council and gives Phonics training to their teachers every semester. She has started ‘read2win’ in order to share her passion in teaching reading and writing using Jolly Phonics with more teachers and parents.

    Winnie provides regular practical and hands-on Jolly Phonics workshops in Hong Kong and Hanoi.

    Find Winnie on Facebook here.

    852 91033078
    Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam
  • Angela Iu

    Hong Kong and China

    Angela has been teaching English as a Second Language for over 30 years, and teaching children aged 3-14 with Jolly Phonics & Grammar and Jolly Music. She believes that good teachers teach well, but better teachers motivate students to self motivate themselves to learn!

    By using the songs from Jolly Phonics and Jolly Music, Angela creates a fun environment for the students. By structuring the classroom so students know what is expected of them, Angela creates disciplined and motivated students.

    She is currently holding workshops for both teachers and parents with the Institute of Advanced Learning and Jolly Knowledge Association in Hong Kong, helping to implement Jolly Phonics and Jolly Music, and develop teachers’ skills. She is eager to help other teachers to learn the joys that teaching with Jolly Series can bring as well as ensuring that, once learnt, those skills are used for their further English Language education.

    (852) 9103 0011
    Hong Kong and China
  • Robin Chan

    Robin Chan

    With more than 20 years of experience in teaching English, Robin (B.Ed., TESOL) has been teaching Jolly Phonics for over 15 years. He has witnessed how effective using synthetic phonics with young children is, and the wonderful results it produces. As a phonics specialist, Robin is currently involved in one-to-one teaching of Jolly Phonics to K-1 & K-3 pupils in Hong Kong. Robin provides reading assessments for pupils and advice to parents to help develop their child’s literacy. Robin also specializes in teaching English Grammar and writing to children who have mastered phonics skills. Robin has recently started teaching Jolly Phonics to adults as well. In addition, Robin would like to teach any interested individuals French phonics.

    852 9820 8237
  • Training in Hong Kong

    Training by Jolly Faith Learning Centre with Andus Li:

    #97 Jolly 1 Workshop and #98 Jolly 2 Workshop

    Date: 1st October, 2018
    Jolly 1 Time: 0930 to 1230
    Jolly 2 Time: 1400 to 1700
    Venue: Beacon Heights Campus, Hong Kong (participants from Macau, Shenzhen and vicinities are welcome)

    Jolly Phonics Overview for Parents and Teachers 卓聆語音®家長教師綜覽課程
    Basic concepts, road map, terminology, sounds and actions, storylines, songs, tricky words, blending skills etc. Builds and overall idea with particular attention on the influences attributed to the Chinese speaking environment.

    Jolly Phonics Overview for Parents and Teachers 卓聆語音®家長教師綜覽課程
    Alternative spellings, teaching tricky words, magic “e”, classroom setting, reading and reading assessment, levelled books, magic writing and transition to writing, lesson plans, syllabication rules, introduction to Jolly Grammar, irregularities, exceptions and practical issues inside the classrooms.

    Booking and contact:
    Email: or
    Telephone: +852 27881866
    Fax: +852 27760363

    For updated schedules please visit or find us on Facebook here.

    Please visit Andus Li’s profile to find out more about Jolly Faith Learning Centre and regarding enquiries for: Jolly Phonics school based training 卓聆語音®校本訓練課程.
    School based training comprises of Jolly 1 and 2 as above plus a third session (Jolly 3) after about 6 month’s actual practise in class as a “re-union” for teachers to share their experiences and receive updates from trainers.