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Jolly Learning in Iran

  • Susan Darby

    Susan-DarbySusan Darby is a British teacher who first introduced Jolly Phonics to Iran in 1995, at an International Kindergarten, where she worked as Educational Manageress and Pre-School teacher, and achieved outstanding results in literacy.  Over the years she has installed Jolly Phonics in numerous educational establishments and has recently opened up a Jolly Phonics Centre for children in Tehran. She is available to run individual or group workshops for teachers from Kindergartens, Schools and Institutes.

    Susan Darby: 0912 2375565 (English speakers)
    Fereshteh Jagerani: 0936 7714676 (Farsi speakers)
  • Leila Farokhbakht

    Leila's photoLeila, based in Iran, has seen the amazing impact that Jolly Phonics has had on improving her students’s literacy skills. The level of joy, interest and motivation shown by her students has overwhelmed her. Leila genuinely wants to introduce Jolly Phonics to other teachers and make them aware of the amazing influence that the programme can bring to their teaching. She believes that every single child deserves to benefit from the best kind of teaching. Leila is currently completing research into the effect of using multi sensory-based phonics on EFL young learners’s English literacy and motivation.

    +989369045592, +989162388829