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Jolly Learning Training in Ireland

Anne McKeefry


Anne McKeefry delivers Jolly Phonics training to teachers, teaching assistants, pupils and parents, throughout Ireland. She caters for all stages of learning; from age three to adult. In her 35 years of teaching, mainly in Foundation Stage, the last eight years were extraordinary as she saw the amazing results achieved through the Jolly Phonics programme and how much the children love it! Anne’s confidence in, and passion for, Jolly Phonics has come from the incredible results she has achieved in the classroom and the continuous positive feedback that she receives. This experience has convinced her that learning to read and write successfully can be, and should be, both enjoyable and easy!

00 44 2840 650528

Maria Collins

Maria-CollinsNewcastle West

Maria Collins first met Jolly Phonics when she saw “Tricky Word Wall Flowers” in an educational supplies shop! Having over 30 years experience with Junior Classes she appreciates how children learn so quickly with Jolly Phonics. They are soon amazing their parents with early reading and writing ability. The road to success is fun, interactive and enjoyable for all. She makes extensive use of the materials, including teaching with Jolly Grammar. Maria is one of the online facilitators with the Jolly Phonics online training course.

00 353 877 437140