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Jolly Learning Training in Italy

Elisabetta Mohwinckel



Elisabetta is highly experienced in working with children of different ages in private and public schools. She opened and managed three bilingual nursery schools for 10 years. She started her own Language Academy in 1998, counting now over 200 students from the age of three. After attending the British Council training programme, she has been nominated Supervisor for the BEI (Bilingual Education Italy) project at the school where she teaches. She has been using Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar with spectacular results for the last four years, and she has gathered that English Phonics awareness is a milestone in teaching English to young learners. She will be pleased to teach Jolly Phonics to teachers and parents all around Italy.

0039 347 2481093
Across Italy

Diego Zaffaroni

DiegoErbil, Iraq and Kurdistan Region (based in)

Diego Zaffaroni is an international educator making a life experience in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. He began working as a primary school teacher and is qualified to teach in both Italy and the U.K.; he worked for five years as a Bilingual Education School Coordinator, a project which was supported jointly by the British Council and the Italian Ministry of Education. Diego also spent time as the Programme Director at an innovative international school in Milan, which is now recognised by Cambridge International Examinations and the Italian Ministry of Education. Diego has experienced leadership roles as Principal at Da Vinci Word School, an authorised IB World School and is now actively involved in the development of the projects in International Education and English Language Teaching with the Da Vinci Group, an Educational company which works across Iraq and Kurdistan.

Diego has seen better and better results with Jolly Phonics over the years he and his fellow teachers have used it; Jolly Phonics has demonstrated to be highly beneficial to all children on their way to becoming independent readers. His strong interest in working with teachers and school leaders let him grow as a teacher trainer and consultant, with a particular interest in young learners’ development of literacy skills. He is ready and willing to share his experiences and skills with others.


+964 750 0660077
Italy, Iraq and Kurdistan Region