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Jolly Learning Training in Kenya

Nishma Shah

Nishma-ShahNishma Shah is a qualified Montessori and British Curriculum teacher with over a decade of experience in teaching. She has taught using Jolly Phonics ever since she got introduced to it around 7 years ago and has never looked back. She has seen it as a reliable method to teach children how to read and write, producing remarkable results. It is a fun way of teaching and she has carried out numerous training’s in different schools over the years for both teachers and parents. She would highly recommend the Jolly Phonics method to all kindergartens world wide.


Munira Adamjee


Munira Adamjee qualified in the UK and is headmistress of Oshwal Academy in Nairobi.  She is an active teacher and she personally teaches with Jolly Phonics.  She has ensured that the programme is used thoroughly,so the results with the children have been phenomenal.


Sian Summers Issa

tr.S.Summers picSian Summers Issa is an Early Years Professional, Teacher and the Founder and Director of Education Matters East Africa. Education Matters East Africa is an educational consultancy focusing on teachers’ on-going professional development; believing that investing in teachers contributes towards positive, sustainable change for education in East Africa. Empowering teachers and giving them the tools relevant to their context encourages improved classroom delivery, effective teaching and consequentially improves the outcomes for children.
With over 12 years of experience working in nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools in the UK and East Africa, Sian is particularly passionate about developing early reading skills. She believes Jolly Phonics is the most successful program enabling children to quickly become confident readers in English and Kiswahili. Based in costal Kenya, Sian has been using the programme for over 5 years in both private and government schools. She is an experienced trainer and is excited to share Jolly Phonics with those ready to put the fun back into reading.

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