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Jolly Learning Training in Morocco

Yvonne Dalorto

Yvonne-DalortoMalaga and across Spain

Yvonne is the Head of Infants, KS 1 and Phonics Coordinator at a British School in Jerez. Yvonne qualified as a teacher in the UK, where she first started using Jolly Phonics in 2000.

She has been implementing Jolly Phonics and Grammar in bilingual schools in Spain since 2004 and more recently she has participated on the BEDA bilingual project; promoting the use of Jolly Phonics and Grammar in state schools with C. E. P. teacher training and the Escuela De Idioms in Andalusia. Yvonne participated in the introduction of phonic components with CLIL material endorsed by M. E. C. and has written infant course books for M. E. L. P. project.

Yvonne provides Jolly Phonics and Grammar training and Advanced training for cross curriculum planning and progression with phonics and grammar in the infant and primary years. Her training also uses Jolly Phonics and Grammar materials with ESL, Trinity Young Learners exams, B1 and Cambridge P. E. T.

Yvonne can provide training in Spain and Morocco.

Find Yvonne on Facebook: Synthetic Phonics Europe and Jolly Phonics and Grammar Global Training

for Morocco training:
(34) 682050034
All of Spain and Morocco