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Jolly Learning in Papua New Guinea

  • Betty Hinamunimo


    Betty’s background is in Education specialising in the English Language. She is currently employed with a Non Government Organization (Care International in PNG) where she will be facilitating Jolly Phonics Training for  early child and elementary teachers in a Papua New Guinean context. Betty has spent time developing a phonetic programme for Papua New Guinea which emphasises the correct pronunciation of the letter sounds.

    Betty has been teaching with Jolly Phonics for the past 4 years and from the beginning, she soon  witnessed children being able to read short sentences after only 6 weeks of teaching with the Jolly Phonics programme. The children continue to demonstrate high grading in their English subject compare to other classes. The parents continue to be amazed to see how well their child was performing at home.

    Betty passionately believes the Jolly phonics Program is well designed to cater for multi and diverse language speakers. She notices how it includes the principle of teaching from known to unknown whereby children are exposed to multi-sensory activities. Betty would recommend Papua New Guinean teachers to use Jolly Phonics Program as the programme is well designed to cater for teachers and parents to use in the classroom and also at home.

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    Within Papua New Guinea
  • Bonita Amepou



    Bonita has been using Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar everyday in her classroom since she was introduced to the programme.  She has seen great reading and writing results from her students. Bonita says, “The most exciting experience is when the children look forward to learning the new sound and action and start blending to read.” She wishes all teachers and parents could see the value of Jolly Phonics and now wants to help implement the programme in Papua New Guinea. Bonita is now also providing training to both teachers and parents through her own centre, Phil’s Learning Centre. For more details on courses provided call 675 72564997.

    675 73574971