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Jolly Learning Training in Saudi Arabia

Hanan Helmi Nassar

Hanan Helmi NassarHanan Helmi Nassar completed her education as a language teacher and holds a BA in Special Education, an MBA in Education and has recently completed her Master of Arts in Secondary Education through Acacia University, with honors.

Hanan trained with the Saudi Ministry of Education whereby she was introduced to Jolly Phonics. She has taught with Jolly Phonics for over 10 years in while also supervising other teachers using the programme, and has been a certified Jolly Trainer giving training in Jolly Phonics for over 9 years in Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobr, Dammam, Taif, Jordan and Oman.

With her extensive background in education, Hanan is also a certified trainer for a range of organisations and divides her time between Jordan and Saudi Arabia to offer her services and Jolly Phonics training to others.


Jayne Fynn


Jayne is a Waikato University graduate with almost 20 years of teaching experience. Since 1999, Jayne has been teaching in a variety of countries around the world, including Kuwait, Qatar, New Zealand, and most recently Saudi Arabia. She has spent the last seven years as Head of Primary at Nada International School, which is a highly reputable international school in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia. Jayne has extensive experience developing language acquisition with both first and second language learners. Over the years, Jayne has implemented and taught Jolly Phonics and Grammar in schools to various age and ability levels.

Jayne has found Jolly Phonics to be the most comprehensive and effective system for developing the language acquisition process. Recently, she spent a couple of years offering professional development to state funded schools throughout New Zealand, particularly Auckland. She has trained hundreds of teachers, offering them practical and sustainable literacy solutions, via Jolly Phonics. Throughout her career, training teachers has been one of Jaynes greatest pleasures, as has leading seminars with parents to develop literacy.

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