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Jolly Learning Training in Serbia

Snežana Radović

Snezana-RadovicSeka Radović qualified as an English teacher in Novi Sad and then had her qualifications recognised in the UK where she worked for almost a decade. She started using Jolly Phonics in London, seeing how it is a great method. Back in Serbia, together with her best friend and colleague, Veca, she founded the Jolly Bear Centre, in her case in Novi Sad. She has seen excellent results which she shares with other teachers in her training.


Veselinka Avramov

Veselinka-AvramovVeca Avramov qualified as a teacher in Serbia and later graduated from Queen Mary and Westfield College in London in English Literature. She lived and worked in London for many years before returning to Serbia. She taught English to young learners in Serbia before starting her own language school, Jolly Bear Centre. She has been impressed with the speed and enthusiasm of the children in learning with Jolly Phonics and she eagerly gives training to schools in the region. Veca is also the distributor for Jolly Phonics in Serbia.