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Jolly Learning in Singapore

  • Victoria Carlton

    Victoria Carlton, is the director of The International Centre for Excellence (ICE), and extensively uses Jolly Phonics to help West Australian children improve and succeed at literacy skills. She frequently travels to the UK to meet the authors and publisher of Jolly Phonics and to check on current research in this area.  She developed and conducted her own programmes which are used with great success at her own centre in Australia and now in her licensed centre in Singapore. Victoria has conducted many professional training courses for teachers and parents in Australia and S.E.A., all of whom are attracted to her pragmatic and clear approach as it provides a clear pathway through the educational “maze”.   She has trained thousands of teachers and educators for more than 10 years jointly with September 21 Enterprise Pte Ltd in Singapore.  Her workshops are so popular that she has now committed to travelling to Singapore 4 times annually to conduct the highly successful Jolly Learning training workshops.  Her workshops are attended by participants from all over the Asia Pacific region. Victoria is convinced that Jolly Phonics is the most effective literacy programme available to teach literacy skills and was featured on the TV current affairs program, Today Tonight, to demonstrate and discuss the approach.

    Current Training Courses Australia

    Current Training Courses Singapore

    08 9271 4200
    Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau
  • Gail Zobrist

    Gail ZobristGail Zobrist is a native English speaker from the UK and lived Hong Kong from 1999 to 2012. She has taught English as a second language and Jolly Phonics since 2000. Gail has completed a Montessori Teacher Training Course and a Diploma in TESOL. She worked in HK in a Special Needs School as a Teacher Assistant for two years and completed the Basic Brain Gym 101 course. Gail also worked in a Chinese Kindergarten and introduced Jolly Phonics to K1, K2 and K3, which was very successful and produced excellent results.  Holding training sessions for schools and learning centers is also something else that Gail has been involved with during her time in HK with a colleague Jane McKenzie.  Gail is now living in Singapore and is available for private tutoring lessons for both Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar.

    +65 81230239
  • Edwina Kwan

    Edwina Kwan has been teaching children to read and write using Jolly Phonics as well as Jolly Grammar programme since 2008. She believes in the effectiveness of the programme, as it greatly improves the literacy level of her pupils. Edwina, who is also a Certified User of EQ-i2.0 & EQ 360, is passionate to share with teachers how to help children to read, write, spell better and quicker. She is effectively bilingual and is able to explain to teachers in English and Mandarin. Edwina conducts trainings in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

    +65-9785 1925
    Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia