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Jolly Learning Training in South Africa

Valma Adams

Valma AdamsCape Town

Valma Adams has considerable teaching experience in Cape Town and the UK. She first used Jolly Phonics in 2002, teaching in Birmingham, continuing with it on returning to Cape Town. She sees her pupils enjoying the actions and quickly learning the letter sounds. They want to write stories and read it to anyone who will listen!

(+27) 84 208 3614

Diana Johnson

Western Cape

Diana has her B.Ed and has been working in the Foundation Phase for six years. During this time she has teaching Jolly Phonics, four of which have been in Bangkok, Thailand where she was teaching expatriate children and second language learners. Diana moved to Cape Town, South Africa two years ago and has been teaching 5 and 6 year old girls using the Jolly Phonics methodology. She has seen fantastic improvements in language learning, as well as children learning to read and write from a very young age and enjoying the process.

Diana would love to share her passion for teaching Jolly Phonics with other teachers in and around South Africa. She feels that Jolly Phonics is the key to improving the literacy rates in the country and is excited to be here to help anyone willing to learn!

+27 71 781 5082
In and around South Africa

Tarryn Frost

Somerset West, Cape Town

Tarryn is a BEd qualified Educator with 7 years experience in the Foundation Phase. She currently teaches Grade 1 and also holds responsibility as Grade Head. Tarryn has been using the Jolly Phonics programme for over 3 years and has seen tremendous results in her students’ ability to read and write.

What Tarryn loves most about Jolly Phonics, is that it is engaging for young children and appeals to various learning styles. The children she teaches are learning valuable skills while having fun! What impresses Tarryn the most, is that after only the first 12 weeks of learning the letter sounds, children are able to decode words successfully as well as form letters correctly. By the end of Grade 1, they are confident readers who are able to read and write at an increasingly higher level than taught through any other programme.

I believe in Jolly Phonics and have seen, first hand the wonderful way in which it develops a love and passion for reading and writing. Tarryn would love to share with others how using this programme will benefit the children each year, as well as improve ones own teaching methodologies and to share strategies to support children as they embark on their journey of reading and writing!

082 488 4711
South Africa