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Jolly Learning Training in South Africa

Valma Adams

Valma AdamsValma Adams has considerable teaching experience in Cape Town and the UK. She first used Jolly Phonics in 2002, teaching in Birmingham, continuing with it on returning to Cape Town. She sees her pupils enjoying the actions and quickly learning the letter sounds. They want to write stories and read it to anyone who will listen!

(+27) 84 208 3614

Alice Louw

A.-LouwAlice is a passionate and skilled teacher with over 15 years teaching experience. She was trained as a teacher in the UK and spent most of her time in the Foundation stage where her love of teaching early reading and writing skills begun. Alice has used the Jolly Phonics approach both the UK and South Africa and has achieved amazing success. Both teachers and children alike absolutely love Jolly Phonics and Alice is keen to share her knowledge and experiences with others.

07 919 26773
South Africa - willing to travel