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Jolly Learning in South East Asia



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Cynthia Peiyeong

Cynthia-PeiyeongCynthia has been using Jolly Phonics since 2007 and is currently working in a literacy centre in Brunei. Cynthia has been amazed with the progress of the children using the programme systematically. She has seen marvellous results in children; even for those with special needs. Cynthia believes it makes learning so much fun and the multi-sensory method is effective for children with different learning styles. Cynthia would like to share her experiences with more teachers and parents un order to help their children to achieve and raise up the literacy standard.

+673 7128016
Brunei, Malaysia

Aida Muhammad Yasin

Aida Muhammad Yasin has been teaching with Jolly Phonics since 2004.  Her teaching career started in Kuala Lumpur, and continued from 2000 in Brunei. She has seen a huge difference with Jolly Phonics, especially with the younger children.  She gives training and shares experience with other teachers in order to beat illiteracy!



Khushbu Porwal


khushbuMs. Khushbu Porwal has been associated within the educational sector for more than 8 years. She is a firm believer of the Jolly Phonics approach and she has immense experience in successfully using it for teaching children in Mumbai. She ran an institute “Phonics Essential” in Mumbai in which has trained more than 350 students and supported 65 teachers in teaching Jolly Phonics. Khushbu has seen exceptional transformations in which Jolly Phonics brings to children and teachers.

Recently Khushbu relocated to Jakarta. She believes that due to a young and growing population in Indonesia, there is great potential for synthetic phonics to be used in the teaching of English. Khushbu can provide training in Jakarta & Mumbai and can plan for special session in other towns across Indonesia, India and South East Asian countries.

+62 878 7756 9174
Indonesia, India and South East Asian Countries


Creena Alison Wong

Creena Alison WongCreena Alison Wong has a Master’s in Education and is a Synthetic Phonics Professional Trainer. She specialises in Early Literacy and is an Educational Advisor. Creena has been teaching since 1992. She implemented Jolly Phonics as part of her literacy programme in 2004. She travels to the UK yearly to meet the authors and publisher of Jolly Phonics and to get updates on current research as well as the latest Materials and resources available in the market. She saw children who had concerned her become confident readers and enthusiastic learners. She currently runs two Nurseries and a Kindergarten in Sabah. And has successfully trained and guided others intending to operate pre-schools and language centres. She presented Jolly Phonics-Malaysia in the 24th MELTA International Conference. During the 2015 Jolly Learning Confrence in the UK, she presented her work in Jolly Phonics Pilot schools in Malaysia as well as her assistance to District Education Heads in the Linus Programmes in Malaysia.

60 16 840 9055
Sabah, all Malaysia and Brunei

Elaine Marcia Wong

Elaine Marcia Wong is an experienced pre-school teacher and home tutor, who has been teaching children to read and write with Jolly Phonics since 2006. She has also given talks to parents and schools, spreading the word about Jolly Phonics. She firmly believes in the programme as she has found it to be not only highly effective, but also lots of fun, and she is convinced that Jolly Phonics can work for everyone.  She is looking forward to motivating parents and teachers to effectively help their children to read and write. She can travel across Malaysia, and abroad.

+6 010 2219422
Kuala Lumpur, across Malaysia and abroad


Raquel Encinares Diones

Raquel Encinares Diones first taught Jolly Phonics in Brunei in 2005. She attended seminars and workshops there and became key teacher in reading in kindergarten level, wherein 100% of her students learned to read. She decided to go back to the Philippines, in 2012 to put up her own school and use the JP Reading Programme to benefit Filipino children, and to reach out to more children, she decided to be a trainer. She’s willing to extend her hands to the teachers all over the land, to attain the goal of the Department of Education: Every child a reader.



Victoria Carlton

Victoria Carlton, is the director of The International Centre for Excellence (ICE), and extensively uses Jolly Phonics to help West Australian children improve and succeed at literacy skills. She frequently travels to the UK to meet the authors and publisher of Jolly Phonics and to check on current research in this area.  She developed and conducted her own programmes which are used with great success at her own centre in Australia and now in her licensed centre in Singapore. Victoria has conducted many professional training courses for teachers and parents in Australia and S.E.A., all of whom are attracted to her pragmatic and clear approach as it provides a clear pathway through the educational “maze”.   She has trained thousands of teachers and educators for more than 10 years jointly with September 21 Enterprise Pte Ltd in Singapore.  Her workshops are so popular that she has now committed to travelling to Singapore 4 times annually to conduct the highly successful Jolly Learning training workshops.  Her workshops are attended by participants from all over the Asia Pacific region. Victoria is convinced that Jolly Phonics is the most effective literacy programme available to teach literacy skills and was featured on the TV current affairs program, Today Tonight, to demonstrate and discuss the approach.

Current Training Courses Australia

Current Training Courses Singapore

08 9271 4200
Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau

Gail Zobrist

Gail ZobristGail Zobrist is a native English speaker from the UK and lived Hong Kong from 1999 to 2012. She has taught English as a second language and Jolly Phonics since 2000. Gail has completed a Montessori Teacher Training Course and a Diploma in TESOL. She worked in HK in a Special Needs School as a Teacher Assistant for two years and completed the Basic Brain Gym 101 course. Gail also worked in a Chinese Kindergarten and introduced Jolly Phonics to K1, K2 and K3, which was very successful and produced excellent results.  Holding training sessions for schools and learning centers is also something else that Gail has been involved with during her time in HK with a colleague Jane McKenzie.  Gail is now living in Singapore and is available for private tutoring lessons for both Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar.

+65 81230239

Edwina Kwan

Edwina Kwan has been teaching children to read and write using Jolly Phonics as well as Jolly Grammar programme since 2008. She believes in the effectiveness of the programme, as it greatly improves the literacy level of her pupils. Edwina, who is also a Certified User of EQ-i2.0 & EQ 360, is passionate to share with teachers how to help children to read, write, spell better and quicker. She is effectively bilingual and is able to explain to teachers in English and Mandarin. Edwina conducts trainings in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

+65-9785 1925
Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia


Loch C Chapple

Mr-Lokki-picMr. Loch Chapple is a qualified and experienced instructor who holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree from Jones University. Mr. Chapple has used Jolly Phonics and Grammar with outstanding results from international countries such as UK, USA, China, Philippines, Russia, Korea, Japan and Thailand.

In addition to being a certified Jolly Phonics and Grammar professional trainer, Mr. Chapple has extensive knowledge and experience teaching primary school grades as well as training teachers at both private and international schools throughout Thailand and neighbouring countries.

Currently, Mr. Chapple works as the Head of Kindergarten and Lower-Primary Grades, and also the Head of Development and Planning for Burapha Phatthanasart School.

089 499 4462
094 242 8265
Thailand, South East Asia and Australia

Nina Kanjirath

Nina-KanjirathNina has used Jolly Phonics and Jolly Music extensively to train management, teachers and young children from several international and underprivileged, non-English speaking schools, with the specific intention to develop and create self-learners who can read and write English with deep understanding.

She launched both programmes in her own preschool and childcare centre – Gaia – 10 years ago with excellent results. Nina also trains and coaches schools and staff in setting up systems, curriculum development, planning and assessment based on their needs and vision.

+91 9986278802
Thailand and some cities across Southeast Asia and India, Stockholm, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman and South Africa.

Dott Sangthong Wirawattantana

Dott Sangthong-2Bangkok

Dott has had a wide range of experience in teaching English to young learners and university students, especially those who study and use English as a Foreign Language. With a Master of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), she is passionate about improving English proficiency. She is confident that synthetic phonics (specifically Jolly Phonics) is the right start for children.

Having carried out a research project in Thailand, Dott has seen tremendous improvement in her children’s enthusiasm to read English and their reading performance impresses her. She has continuously received positive feedback from the children, parents, class teachers, school principal to name a few. She is eager to spread the practicality of Jolly Phonics for both international and Thai school children.

66 92 6546159
Thailand and Southeast Asia

(Nat) Natthawut Katechaiyo

Nat Katechaiyo-2Natthawut Katechaiyo holds a Master of Education in TEFL and is pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Administration. His life is dedicated to educating children all around Thailand.

Nat is a manager at Napatsorn School and Napatsorn Natthanon School in Thailand, where he is responsible for planning the curriculum and language programmes of students aged between 3-12 years. Here he also held a research project using Jolly Phonics for Kindergarten 2, 3, and Primary 1 years.

As his research has shown positive results of using Jolly Phonics, he hopes he can help both Thai and other children with Jolly Phonics.

66 87 0717105
Thailand & Southeast Asia

Stephen Jones

SJ PhotoStephen Jones is an experienced teacher trainer who delivers Jolly Phonics Workshops to teachers, teaching assistants and groups of parents throughout Thailand. In his nine years of using the Jolly Phonics programme, he has seen outstanding results at his own school and has helped many schools, teachers and parents to achieve similar success.

He is excited about helping educators improve the level of English literacy in Thailand. His workshops are highly practical giving you many ideas of how to best use the materials with your children. They also focus on building both knowledge of and confidence in the Jolly Phonics programme.

Stephen has seen that children love Jolly Phonics and it not only gives them literacy skills but also improves their pronunciation as well as their confidence in all areas of English.

Throughout Thailand

Raiwin Limpraphat

Raiwin-LimpraphatRaiwin is currently a Jolly Phonics coach and PYP EAL teacher at the IB Trilingual International School in Bangkok. Mentoring struggling students brought her to attend Jolly Phonics courses and she gained one-on-one training from Sue Lloyd, the co-author of Jolly Phonics programme.   After successfully using Jolly Phonics for several years, she is thrilled to share fantastic results with other educators: Jolly Phonics has managed to help children and adults learn to read English with clear pronunciation in such a fun and easy way!

669 137 9589

Debbie Jones

Debbie JonesDebbie Jones is a UK teacher currently employed at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok. Since introducing Jolly Phonics at Shrewsbury, she has found the programme hugely successful and easy to deliver. Debbie offers a range of training packages for schools wishing to introduce Jolly Phonics and for those who would like further training.


Sonyja Murphy

Jolly Phonics Picture March 2015

Sonyja is an enthusiastic teacher with extensive experience in teaching Phonics to Kindergarten level students at Bangkok International Schools. Through her daily teaching of Phonics she avails of Jolly Phonics’ varied products, thus stimulating and engaging the interest of young learners. Having progressed through the Jolly Phonics program rapidly and being able to read competently her students have moved on to Jolly Grammar 1 and together they have found it both enjoyable and child-friendly.

Sonyja takes pride in teaching students who are struggling as she is confident that Jolly Phonics can reach the learning style and ability of all classroom language learners, thus leaving no room for any child to be left behind. Sonyja enjoys informing and demonstrating how to best utilize Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar 1 to parents, fellow teachers and /or other interested parties.

66 915570128
Bangkok and Chiang Mai


Training in Indonesia


Training with Khushbu Porwal:

Jolly Phonics: Essentials of English reading and writing event

Date: 29th October 2016

Venue: Kinderfun Pre School, Bellagio Mall, Mega Kuningan

This event will discuss the systematic approach to synthetic phonics and is aimed at learning about how phonics can improve your child’s reading and spelling skills and boost their confidence.

For more information and to book, please contact Ms Lia on 0857-18180048 or (021)-30029864.

Training in Malaysia

 Petaling Jaya

Training with Santina Di Mauro:

Courses and Dates:

Jolly Phonics Programme – Saturday 8th April

Reading with Phonics – Sunday 9th April

Jolly Grammar Programme – Monday 10th April

Developing Children’s Comprehension Skills – Tuesday 11th April

Writing Through Phonics and Grammar – Wednesday 12th April

Venue: Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya, Selangor

For further details, please contact Extrazeal (M) SDN BHD on 603-7880 0118 or email or call Cynthia on 6012-2835782.


Training with Marcia Wong:

Jolly Phonics Training

Date:  Thursday 9th February (public holiday)

Time: 09:30 to 15:30

Venue: Taska Fairfield’s PJ, No 3 Jalan 5/37

For further details please contact Marcia Wong on 010 2219422 or email



Training with Creena Alison Wong:

A full day of Jolly Phonics Training

Date:  4th February

Time: 8:30am to 3:30pm

Venue: Jolly Learners, No 1 Taman Harrington, Kota Kinabalu

For further details please contact Creena Wong: +61068409055 or email:

Jolly Phonics Trial in Sabah

Alison Wong talks about training in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, in July 2011

Ministry-of-Education-Kuala-Lumpur“On 11th July 2011, Coral George and myself held a training workshop for teachers from 6 government schools participating in a pilot of Jolly Phonics in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia from September 2011.

Ms Julia Jock, Principal of La Salle Secondary School, organized the workshop in partnership with The Sabah State Education Department (English Unit) and Kota Kinabalu District Education Office. 30 English teachers (preschool to Year 3) from the pilot schools attended, as well as English Education Officers from Kota Kinabalu District Education Office and the Sabah State Education Department.

The participants voiced many common questions about the relationship between Jolly Phonics and their current Primary School Curriculum, how Jolly Phonics could improve pronunciation and increase children’s English vocabulary, and also whether teaching English would interfere with the children learning to read and write in their native language, Bahasa. My experiences of teaching children as young as 18 months, and Coral’s experiences of working on the Spanish Government Bilingual Education project helped to clarify many of their questions. By the end of the training, the delegates fully understood how Jolly Phonics would fit in with their Primary School Curriculum, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Ministry-of-Education-Kuala-Lumpur guestsCoral and I also provided each school with kit of Jolly Phonics materials, so they could begin teaching it straight away! Myself and Ms Jock, as well as officers from State Education Department and Kota Kinabalu Education Office will be making follow-up visits to the 6 schools in September to support their implementation of Jolly Phonics.
Since hearing about the Jolly Phonics pilot in Kota Kinabalu, other districts are now very keen to organize Jolly Phonics workshops in their regions in the future.
We also traveled to Kuala Lumpur to meet with JM Enrichment and Beaconhouse HQ, as well as officers in charge of curriculum development and private education from The Ministry of Education and people dealing with social welfare from The Ministry of Women & Family. We gave joint presentations about Jolly Phonics and talked about education news from UK. The people we met with were very interested in finding out about the research behind Jolly Phonics, opportunities for further training, and follow-up support days.

We were delighted that the people we met with realized it was not a matter of whether they should implement Jolly Phonics or not, but more a matter of when they would start implementing it! As a result, in August 2011, I am going to meet with ELC International School, Real Education Group, Mutiara International Grammar School and Smart Readers to discuss more about how we can bring Jolly Phonics to Malaysia.”


Training in the Philippines

Following on from Chris Jolly’s recent visit to the Philippines, training for a Jolly Phonics trial in the Philippines has taken place in early October 2011.

On 7th October, Frances Scobie, Jan Polkinghorne and Beverly Sace held Jolly Phonics training at the launch of the training & research project “My Eyes Can Read”, in observance of the World Sight Day.

On 8th and 11th October, the Department of Education hosted a training day on: “Multisensory Approach to Teach Phonics for Effective Reading and Writing”. The day was led by Dr Tess Yambot, with assistance from Beverly Sace, and was a HUGE success! Well done Bev and everyone else involved!

On 10th October, Professor Rose Mallari, Jan Polkinghore and Frances Scobie held a training programme for teachers and parents on “How to Achieve Proficiency in Reading, Writing and Spelling: A Multisensory Approach with Jolly Phonics”.

In addition on the 12th October, the DepEd held a follow-up training day for “Multisensory Approach to Teach Phonics for Effective Reading and Writing” with Dr Tess Yambot

For further information contact :

Civitan Philippines, Inc.
Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center
Room 306, Medical Arts Bldg, 11 Banawe, Quezon City

Tel : 3534448 or Mobile 09228628517

Email :

Website : &



Training in Singapore


Victoria Carlton will be holding a workshop on Jolly Phonics and Grammar. The workshop will take place at September 21 Enterprise PL seminar room.

VC Jolly Learning: Jolly Phonics & Grammar (3 days)

If you want a truly comprehensive guide to teaching phonics, grammar, comprehension and writing you need this Jolly learning course! This is based on evidence based pedagogical principles as well as practical research at Victoria’s Carlton Perth based Centre.

Date: 27-29 June 2016

Who Should attend: Pre-school and Primary teachers and parents of children aged 3-10 years. Literacy opens doors!

Module 1 -The Foundation -27th June

  • Getting bodies, eyes and brains ready!
  • Phonemic and phonological awareness provide.
  • Visual and auditory discrimination.
  • Rhyming skills, beginning Jolly Phonics and associated art activities for sounds
  • Fine-motor development and printing skills
  • Suitable reading books, games and picture books.

Module 2 -Building Strong Literacy Skills -28th June

  • Extending phonics and Jolly Grammar 1 and 2.
  • Grammar songs, games and activities.
  • Beginning written expression strategies.
  • Successful spelling.

Module 3 -Bringing it all together -29th June

  • Jolly Grammar 3 and 4.
  • Stages of reading and comprehension strategies.
  • Using picture books to teach comprehension and as models for writing.
  • Victoria Carlton’s Creative writing strategies for success and creative methods for teaching phonics and grammar.

For more information, or to book your place, visit September 21 website or email



Training in Thailand

Jolly Phonics Training by Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer Loch C Chapple organised by Jolly Kids Books

Jolly Kids Books features Mr. Loch C. Chapple,  who is presenting an exclusive one-day training course on Jolly Phonics.  This course will be presented in both English and in Thai language with a Thai presenter. The course will be focused on raising literacy standards for pre-Kindergarten students utilising Jolly Phonics programmes.

The schedule is as follows in both English and Thai language:

15th January, 2017 in Chiagmai (Chiangmai Grandview Hotel, Chiangmai-Lumphang Road)

25th February, 2017 in Bangkok

13th May, 2017 in Bangkok

11th June, 2017 in Phuket

Jolly Phonics introduces all the letter sounds with an action, song, and storyline for each of the 42 distinct sounds of the English alphabet. JP is an enjoyable, multi-sensory program for teaching the student how to “crack the code” of English and to successfully read and write for true comprehension.

This program is typically used for both preschool and kindergarten years. Jolly Phonics is very suitable for parents to use at home school or just teach their children to read and write.

Jolly Phonics easily and quickly engages the imagination of young minds. This engagement leads to quick and productive learning. Letter sounds, blending with segmenting, identifying sounds in words, learning correct letter formation, and “tricky words” are the 5 key components of the program.

The Jolly Phonics course is designed for parents, educators, teachers, school headmasters, native and non-native speakers to teach phonics to young learners and enables them to become successful readers and writers.

Course Fee: email or ID Line : @jolly_chadasaa   Limited seating available. Course details and review.

Fee includes all handouts, Jolly Phonics letter sounds flash card strip, a blending wheel, lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance.

Recommended materials: will be on display and available for sale on seminar days.

For in school teaching or for Bulk student rate contact:
Location: Jasmine City Hotel, Asoke Bangkok from 9.00 am.-5.00 pm.

For more information or registration contact: or ID Line : @jolly_chadasaa or call 0894994462 English, 094 242 8265 Thai


Jolly Grammar 1-3 Training by Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer Loch C Chapple organised by Jolly Kids Books

Continue on with Jolly Kids Books features Mr. Loch C. Chapple who is presenting an exclusive one-day training course on Jolly Grammar Books 1-3. This course will be focused on introducing grammar to primary grade students.

The schedule is as follows in English:

26th February, 2017

14th May, 2017

12th June, 2017

Jolly Grammar book 1 covers – Proper Sentence Structure, Identifying ‘Parts of Speech’, Understanding Articles, Effective use of Dictionaries, Developing Insight for Conjugation, Interactive use of Tenses (Past, Present and Future), Spelling: The Doubling Rule, Having Fun with Compound Words, New Alternate Spelling Groups for Jolly Grammar 1, Word Webs for Synonyms, and an Introduction to Effective Parsing.

Jolly Grammar book 2 covers:- New Alternate Groups Spelling for Jolly Grammar 2, Role-plays for Commas in Lists, Exciting uses for Exclamation Marks!, Possessive Adjectives in Action, Hunting for Homophones, Sentences and Verbs, Adverb Poems, The Verb ‘to be’ (in Preparation for Jolly Grammar 3), Investigations and Proofreading Stories, Expanding Sentences for Fun and Acting Them Out, ‘Parts of Speech’ for Jolly Grammar 2, Introduction to Prefixes,  Common Speech and Contractions, and Interesting Words (for overused ones).

Jolly Grammar book 3 covers:  – New Alternate Spelling Groups for Jolly Grammar 3, Syllabication with Puppets and Other Activities, The (Present, Past and Future) Continuous Tenses, Interviews for Proper Nouns and Adjectives, Introduction to and Preparation for Writing Paragraphs, Forming Paragraphs that Make Sense, More Speech Marks with Comics, Introduction to Suffixes, Flexibility of Words in ‘Parts of Speech’, The (JG) Method of Finding the Subject and Object of a Sentence, and Understanding Sentences and Phrases with Practice.

This program is typically used for primary grade school years. Jolly Grammar is very suitable for professional teachers.

Jolly Grammar books 1 – 3 are part of a complete set of strategies that teach the rules and the structure of the English language which are normally acquired through long term observation and practice of the language.

The Jolly Grammar course is designed for, educators, teachers, school headmasters, native English speakers to teach English grammar to young learners and enables them to become successful readers and writers.

Course Fee: email or ID Line : @jolly_chadasaa   Limited seating available.

Fee includes all handouts, Jolly Grammar Blending Wheel, lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance.

For in school teaching or for Bulk student rate contact:
Location: Jasmine City Hotel, Asoke Bangkok from 9.00 am.-5.00 pm.

For more information or registration contact: or ID Line : @jolly_chadasaa or call 0894994462 English, 094 242 8265 Thai




Training in Vietnam


Jolly Phonics training with Beverly Sace:

Professional Development Day In Literacy Teaching & Jolly Phonics Module 1 (1 Day)
3rd October, 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam

Module 1: Getting Started in Teaching Jolly Phonics

Teach the first 42 sounds of English using the five skills of Jolly Phonics.

Book through

Jolly Phonics Trainer Beverly Sace holds training sessions on teaching Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar to children in K1 to Grade 6. Beverly Sace will guide you step by step and answer all your questions on how to teach and implement Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar at your school or home to raise children’s literacy levels. In-School training sessions are also available.

Who should attend?

Teachers, especially English teachers and class teachers

School Principals, owners and administrators

Parents and Committee members of PTAs

Other Personnel who manage or deal with children at the nursery to senior primary education levels.