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Jolly Learning Training in Sri Lanka

Kanthie Jayasekera

KanthieKanthie is a highly qualified teacher and educationist, currently working as a Phonetics Instructor at Trinity College Kandy in Sri Lanka. She has been teaching pre-primary children phonics for 10 years and has seen that Jolly Phonics gives children the tools and confidence to read and write effectively.

Kanthie is also a registered teacher for elocution, speech and drama in which she uses these skills to run workshops on basic and advanced phonics with children aged 3-7 years. She specialises in unique learning methods based on the individual needs of students alongside Jolly Phonics which has led to extraordinary results in written and spoken english. She now trains parents, teachers and schools on Jolly Phonics, so that the knowledge can be passed on to help more students achieve higher levels of english.

0094 77 630 69 66
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