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Jolly Learning Training in The Gambia

Sainey Gibba

Sainey GibbaSainey Gibba is deputy headteacher at Wellingara Community Nursery School, which has some 400 3-7 year olds.  He has been teaching with Jolly Phonics since September 2005 when the school was one of the first in The Gambia to use the programme.  The understanding has developed over time and Sainey can now provide training and support for other teachers.

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Amadou M.l Jatta

Amedou's-picAmadou M.l Jatta is a trained primary school teacher with over ten years teaching experience in Gambia. After attending a training by Sue Lloyd (Jolly Phonics author) in 2008, Amadou was head of the English department in Madrasatul Urwatul Wuthka Islamic School and went on to teach Jolly Phonics in Little Tree Skills Training Centre (a vocational school). Having taught there for over three years, Amadou has gone on to train 150 teachers in nursery and primary institutions, as well as private and Madrassa schools. Amadou also specializes in an Adult Literacy Programme, designed to help those who have little/no schooling and now want to learn English. He now also works for AMANA as a Jolly Phonics teacher trainer.

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