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Jolly Learning in The Netherlands

  • Neha Khanna

    The Hague (based in)

    Neha-KhannaNeha graduated from Bombay University with a Masters in Computer Engineering. She taught the College Freshman year in the Engineering program for 5 years. With a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Neha is additionally TESOL and ECCE certified. From the minute she began using Jolly Phonics while working as a class assistant in Singapore, she experienced phenomenal success of the students learning English so efficiently. Neha continued to use Jolly Phonics upon moving to the Netherlands and now runs Pearl Kidzz Learning Centre.

    Neha has been teaching Jolly Phonics for several years in both Singapore and the Netherlands. She witnessed the struggles children went through when learning to read and was sad to see children suffering from low self confidence and falling behind with basic communication skills. Neha sees how the Jolly Phonics programme has empowered children to enjoy reading, increase their vocabulary and learn in a fun way. The multi-sensory learning caters to every kind of child, with all children enjoying the programme and being motivated to learn. Jolly Phonics opens a child’s mind to a whole new world teaching. With reading, children build creativity and imagination.

    Literacy is the basic right of every child and Neha wants to spread her knowledge of Jolly Phonics to train other educators and parents in The Netherlands, Singapore and India so they can also help their students achieve confidence and rediscover the joy of learning.

    All over Europe and India
  • Imke Herold

    Imke HeroldThe Hague (based in)

    Imke Herold is originally Dutch but lived and taught in Amman for over 20 years between 1995 and 2017, and has held Head of KG and Primary positions in several schools. She was introduced to Jolly Phonics whilst teaching at IAA and has since been a strong advocate, having seen the excellent results achieved due to the programme. She has conducted many workshops for teachers and parents, and relishes the opportunity to enthuse others and share her passion.

    She has returned to the Netherlands but continues to travel between her home country and Jordan to provide training.

    962-79-5988222 (Jordan)
    31-6-58397052 (The Netherlands)
    Europe and Jordan