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Jolly Learning in Uruguay

  • Gabriela Remedi and Laura Bouzas

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    Gabriela Remedi and Laura Bouzas are qualified teachers, with over  25 years of vast experience in the field of education.

    Since the year 2009, in their role of coordinators of English at a highly prestigious bilingual school in Montevideo, Gabriela and Laura have  established  the implementation of Jolly Phonics as an essential component of the English Programme.

    Having taught English to students of different ages, learning styles and needs both of them have  collected all over the years sufficient evidence to prove that the Synthetic Phonics Approach  has helped to boost students’ confidence and enthusiasm at the time of dealing with the reading and writing skills in the second language.

    Being aware of the fact that the act of  reading is the result of a combination of processes, which range from the most specific  (segmentation and blending) to the most general ones ( wholeness of words and phrases in context), they are  fully convinced that children’s phonological awareness and phonological abilities play an essential role in learning to read.

    All over Uruguay and abroad