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  • Betty Hinamunimo


    Betty’s background is in Education specialising in the English Language. She is currently employed with a Non Government Organization (Care International in PNG) where she will be facilitating Jolly Phonics Training for  early child and elementary teachers in a Papua New Guinean context. Betty has spent time developing a phonetic programme for Papua New Guinea which emphasises the correct pronunciation of the letter sounds.

    Betty has been teaching with Jolly Phonics for the past 4 years and from the beginning, she soon  witnessed children being able to read short sentences after only 6 weeks of teaching with the Jolly Phonics programme. The children continue to demonstrate high grading in their English subject compare to other classes. The parents continue to be amazed to see how well their child was performing at home.

    Betty passionately believes the Jolly phonics Program is well designed to cater for multi and diverse language speakers. She notices how it includes the principle of teaching from known to unknown whereby children are exposed to multi-sensory activities. Betty would recommend Papua New Guinean teachers to use Jolly Phonics Program as the programme is well designed to cater for teachers and parents to use in the classroom and also at home.

    +67 570 482 297
    Within Papua New Guinea
  • Elnara Hasanova


    Elnara is a Cambridge qualified primary school teacher, full of energy and passion for teaching small children. She graduated from Khazar University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and has spent 5 years teaching English in government schools before becoming a Head Teacher of Evika School in 2016. From the use of Jolly Phonics in her classes, Elnara has achieved unbelievable results with her students and has successfully developed her knowledge and skill in the English language.
    Currently working as the Director of the Cambridge Primary Department, Elnara controls the training of English teachers within the school. With her background of using Jolly Phonics, Elnara sees this as the key to successfully train teachers so that everyone can achieve greater results in English with their students.
    Elnara is happy to share her experiences on using Jolly Phonics and wishes for all primary school students in Azerbaijan to read English fluently.

    You can find Elnara on Facebook here

    You can following Elnara’s blog page here

    009945 0458 6478
    All of Azerbaijan
  • Mrs. Irechkwu Hannah Kalu


    Irechukwu is presently teaching at Indian International School and has an extensive background of primary teaching in Benin. She obtained her National Certificate in Education at the National Institute, Kaduna where she studied sociology in education.

    Irechukwu was introduced to Jolly Phonics in 2006 and began to implement this method of teaching right away. She has made a tremendous impact to her teaching career since starting to use it as her students were progressing at a quicker and less stressful rate than previously. Both parents of her students and colleagues in the school are keen to learn about Jolly Phonics in order to teach their children at home and in their classes. Jolly Phonics makes learning interesting and simple which has led to enormous and positive results for the students. Irechukwu is happy to share her experiences with others.

    +229 979 89 480
    All Benin and Africa
  • Falak Kashif


    Falak is a teacher and trainer of Jolly Phonics and currently works with Fatima-Tuz-Zahra at Phonics Club; a learning centre specifically teaching with the Jolly Phonics method.  Falak has taught many children over the years, and when using Jolly Phonics she was so impressed with the speed and enthusiasm of the students’ learning that she now uses nothing else.

    Falak is now eager to pass on her experience and knowledge of Jolly Phonics so that other teachers and parents can benefit their students and children they are teaching. Her target is to spread Jolly Phonics across the whole of Pakistan to ensure the country meets international educational standards.


    0092 321 498 6570
    Pakistan and abroad
  • Betty O’Connor-Williams


    Betty studied in both India and America achieving her BA at Bombay University and her ECE from Palomar Community College, San Marcos and certification for Train the Trainer by American TESOL; before she began to teach early years. She became the lead teacher working with 3 and 4 year olds in Virginia, USA until 2009 and returned to India.

    On her return to India, Betty opened her own learning centre called Precious Lil’ Ones Preschool, located in Mumbai, whereby an after school programme called Phonicland was introduced; practicing the Jolly Phonics methodology. This programme greatly benefitted children 4-6 years of age, most of them non-native English speakers. These children learned to speak, read, write and spell in English by using Jolly Phonics. Because of this Betty then implemented Jolly Phonics as the curriculum in her preschool. To date, Betty has taught over 600 3 and 4 years olds with Jolly Phonics.

    Betty has come across ladies from vernacular backgrounds, with limited English who are wanting to learn the Jolly Phonics method to teach their children at home, and to begin small classes at home to earn an income. This impressed Betty so much, she wanted to reach out to adults in India with the Jolly Phonics method, so that more children can benefit from such a successful programme.

    “Jolly Phonics is a fun way to teach and a fun way to learn. When children can read, write and spell they have the power to move forward.”

    919 892 623 348
    Willing to travel across India and beyond
  • Mr. Diego Zaffaroni


    Diego Zaffaroni works as Lower School Principal at Duhok Word School, an authorised IB World School. He is a qualified primary school teacher, teacher trainer and consultant with a particular interest in young learners’ development of literacy skills.

    Diego has worked for five years as Bilingual Education School Coordinator, a project which was supported jointly by the British Council and the Italian Ministry of Education; also, he was the Programme Director at an innovative international school in Milan which is now recognised by Cambridge International Examinations and the Italian Ministry of Education.

    Diego has seen better and better results with Jolly Phonics over the time he and his fellow teachers have used it; Jolly Phonics has demonstrated to be highly beneficial to all children on their way to becoming independent readers.

    Kurdistan Region and Italy
  • Rohini Vij


    Rohini Vij is professional storyteller, educator and teacher’s trainer. She is also the founder of NutSpace Edtech Pvt. Ltd. and brings with her immense positive experience in implementing Jolly Phonics at NutSpace. She has been using Jolly phonics successfully for the last few years as part of NutSpace’s Phonics Stories Program (run in school and as an after school activity). Rohini has seen phenomenal results in children using the Phonics Stories program that uses Jolly phonics at its core and feels it is a fantastic way to help lay a strong foundation in children’s reading and writing skills. She feels confident about spreading this wonderful concept far and wide so as to help children fall in love with reading, writing and speaking English. 

    +919 793 283 333
    Willing to travel anywhere
  • Shino Abe

    shinoYokohama, Kanagawa

    Shino has been working for Yokosuka Gakuin Elementary School in Kanagawa since 2006. She has seen the impact of Jolly Phonics and the outstanding results that their students have achieved learning English with the Jolly Phonics programme. Shino firmly believes that Jolly Phonics is the best solution for learning to read, write and speak in English, so would love to share her experiences with other teachers, so they too can make a difference to their students and schools.


    +81 (0)46852 1920
    All of Japan
  • Shalinidevi Ramanathan


    shaliniShalini is a passionate teacher and an enterprising woman. She runs ‘Phonics Power’ – an exclusive learning centre for phonics and grammar. She has been using Jolly Phonics extensively in her classroom since 2012. Phonics Power teaches over 300 children every year through its three branches across Chennai.

    Shalini is actively involved in training teachers and has trained 1000 + teachers in Jolly Phonics/Jolly Grammar. She has helped 60+ Primary schools and teacher training Institutes implement Jolly Phonics in their institutions. She serves as the academic consultant and curriculum planner in many of these schools. She also helps them use guided reading & extensive reading effectively in their classrooms.  She attends various workshops, conferences and seminars on ‘Teaching Literacy ‘in India and abroad.

    “Jolly Phonics provides an active learning environment through its simple, step by step, fun-filled approach to teaching literacy and helps many children take a quantum leap in their literacy skills.”

    + 919884088958
    Across India and abroad
  • Khushbu Porwal


    khushbuMs. Khushbu Porwal has been associated within the educational sector for more than 8 years. She is a firm believer of the Jolly Phonics approach and she has immense experience in successfully using it for teaching children in Mumbai. She ran an institute “Phonics Essential” in Mumbai in which has trained more than 350 students and supported 65 teachers in teaching Jolly Phonics. Khushbu has seen exceptional transformations in which Jolly Phonics brings to children and teachers.

    Recently Khushbu relocated to Jakarta. She believes that due to a young and growing population in Indonesia, there is great potential for synthetic phonics to be used in the teaching of English. Khushbu can provide training in Jakarta & Mumbai and can plan for special session in other towns across Indonesia, India and South East Asian countries.

    +62 878 7756 9174
    Indonesia, India and South East Asian Countries
  • Loch C Chapple

    Mr-Lokki-picLoch is a qualified and experienced instructor who has used Jolly Phonics teaching young children and to both private and international school since 2009. He has used Jolly Phonics with outstanding results with students of Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Thai origins. In addition to being a certified Jolly Phonics trainer, he has extensive knowledge and experience teaching primary school grades as well as training teachers at both private and international schools in Thailand.

    Currently, he works as the Head of Kindergarten and Lower-Primary Grades, and also the Head of Development and Planning for Burapha Phatthanasart School in process of becoming an international school.

    089 499 4462
    Across Thailand
  • Nicola Carr-White

    Nicola-Carr-WhiteWestern Australia

    Nicola Carr-White has taught in many and varied roles during her teaching career which spans almost 30 years. She began teaching Jolly Phonics with Kindy/Pre-Primary students followed by Junior Primary for several years and found that the program produced outstanding student results in early literacy. She is available to conduct training in a variety of formats, from staff meeting presentations to full day workshops, throughout Western Australia and further afield by invitation.

    0417 186 074
    Western Australia
  • Ashley Louise Liney

    Ashley-LineyAshley is an experienced and qualified teacher. She has been teaching English to Spanish children for nearly 15 years and has been using her enthusiasm and knowledge, teamed with Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar to achieve remarkable results; in both infant and primary years. During this time she has seen how Jolly Phonics has been strongly introduced into the nursery system here in Spain and has found herself deeply induced within this area and has observed very high results.

    Ashley also prepares for Cambridge exams A1-C1 and has found a different way of correcting older students using phonetics and Jolly Grammar.

    (34) 644402309
    Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen, Malaga, Murcia and Seville.
  • Kanthie Jayasekera

    KanthieKanthie is a highly qualified teacher and educationist, currently working as a Phonetics Instructor at Trinity College Kandy in Sri Lanka. She has been teaching pre-primary children phonics for 10 years and has seen that Jolly Phonics gives children the tools and confidence to read and write effectively.

    Kanthie is also a registered teacher for elocution, speech and drama in which she uses these skills to run workshops on basic and advanced phonics with children aged 3-7 years. She specialises in unique learning methods based on the individual needs of students alongside Jolly Phonics which has led to extraordinary results in written and spoken english. She now trains parents, teachers and schools on Jolly Phonics, so that the knowledge can be passed on to help more students achieve higher levels of english.

    0094 77 630 69 66
    To any country
  • Sue Whittaker

    Niagara Falls, New York

    S.WhittakerDr. Susan Whittaker is currently a Curriculum Coordinator in Literacy at an SEN school in Slough, England. Susan works primarily with children within the Autism Provision where she uses Jolly Phonics to secure the reading skills of both verbal and non-verbal children. Susan has previously taught kindergarten and early childhood special education in the US and Canada where she used Jolly Phonics as her foundation phonics programme. As part of her doctorate programme (Ed.D), through Aurora University, Susan researched the use of Jolly Phonics as a whole-group curriculum as weak as its use in small group reading intervention, with remarkable results. Susan continues to conduct ongoing research in the use of Jolly Phonics and offers support in the USA through her business; Jolly Reading, based in Niagara Falls, New York. Susan is eager to support school districts and teachers in the use of both the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar programmes.

    US, Canada and England
  • Emily Elahi

    E.ElahiEmily is an English as a second langue teacher with 7 years of experience teaching in Morocco and Thailand. Emily believes literacy is the key to lifelong learning and self-realisation and it all starts with learning to decode. As a kindergarten teacher working with English as a second language students in Morocco, success was difficult. By the time students were beginning to communicate in English, the clock was running out on literacy development. Emily was frustrated and felt she was failing her classes. All of that changed with Jolly Phonics. In the first year of using Jolly Phonics, Emily had 3 year old ESL students independently writing decodable messages. She now cannot imagine teaching without it. Jolly Phonics changed Emily’s life as a teacher and she would love to help others find success with the programme.

    (617) 959-2147
    Willing to travel anywhere
  • Cynthia Peiyeong

    Cynthia-PeiyeongCynthia has been using Jolly Phonics since 2007 and is currently working in a literacy centre in Brunei. Cynthia has been amazed with the progress of the children using the programme systematically. She has seen marvellous results in children; even for those with special needs. Cynthia believes it makes learning so much fun and the multi-sensory method is effective for children with different learning styles. Cynthia would like to share her experiences with more teachers and parents un order to help their children to achieve and raise up the literacy standard.

    +673 7128016
    Brunei, Malaysia
  • Tahira Sheikh



    Tahira is originally from London, UK but is now living in Islamabad, Pakistan. She has an MBA in Management from the UK but became more interested in teaching children literacy skills and decided to change her career path.

    Tahira first came across Jolly Phonics in 2004 after doing some research into improving literacy skills; as many of the children were not reading and writing well enough at the pre-school where she was working. After a year’s teaching of the programme, the children excelled in their literacy skills and since then Tahira has never looked back. In 2010 she became a private tutor focusing entirely on Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar and have been using the programme extensively. Tahira has conducted workshops for the private pre-schools and parents in Islamabad including few of the most prestigious schools in town. She has assisted schools in implementing Jolly Phonics and has also supervised teachers using the programme.

    Having experienced the immense benefit of the programme first hand, Tahira is now keen to impart her knowledge and experience and to promote further to the private, public and lower socio economic education sector.

    +92 3005275097
  • Premo de Graaf



    Premo “fell in love” with the Jolly Programme in 2008, since then she has been joyfully learning and growing with her Spanish speaking students. In her opinion, the multi sensory way of Jolly learning is a twenty-first century approach to the literacy process that each child has the right to go through with joy, and to inspire further love for reading. She has focused her attention on both infant and primary years, not only teaching in different levels, but also coaching other English teachers to successfully implement the programme.

    (34) 608 196 973
    Located in Barcelona and willing to travel throughout Spain and Andorra
  • Nihali Abhinandan Jain

    NihaliMrs. Nihali A Jain is a proud member of Early Childhood Association (ECA), India, currently a Director at Vidhyashram Public School, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, holds dual degrees in Early Child Care and Education (ECCE) and Montessori from Mumbai. She was the owner of an Early Childhood Teacher Training Centre in Mumbai until 2013 and with her breath of experience in early childcare and education, she has been providing teacher training in ECCE, Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar for the past 10 years. Nihali has successfully trained more than 800 teachers in ECCE and more than 500 teachers in Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar.

    Nihali’s main passion lies in teaching the children of her school in Jolly Phonics and watching them excel in reading and writing. She believes that no other programme can do as well as what Jolly Phonics can do for young learners in schools, and that every school on earth must have Jolly Phonics in their curriculum!

    09221000734 / 07023616688
    All over India and other countries
  • Gabriela Remedi and Laura Bouzas

    Profa. Gabriela RemediDSC_8465_01
    Gabriela Remedi and Laura Bouzas are qualified teachers, with over  25 years of vast experience in the field of education.

    Since the year 2009, in their role of coordinators of English at a highly prestigious bilingual school in Montevideo, Gabriela and Laura have  established  the implementation of Jolly Phonics as an essential component of the English Programme.

    Having taught English to students of different ages, learning styles and needs both of them have  collected all over the years sufficient evidence to prove that the Synthetic Phonics Approach  has helped to boost students’ confidence and enthusiasm at the time of dealing with the reading and writing skills in the second language.

    Being aware of the fact that the act of  reading is the result of a combination of processes, which range from the most specific  (segmentation and blending) to the most general ones ( wholeness of words and phrases in context), they are  fully convinced that children’s phonological awareness and phonological abilities play an essential role in learning to read.

    All over Uruguay and abroad
  • Sofia Navas

    20160113_203332Mexico City

    I am an English teacher and have taught in a bilingual primary school and kindergarten in Argentina for more than 10 years.  I got thrilled with Synthetic Phonics many years ago and I have been using the method ever since. I now live in México city and would love to share my experience with other teachers in México.

    All over Mexico
  • Jennifer Bannister


    Having worked as a volunteer teacher in a remote school in Tanzania on and off for several years, she decided that the classroom was where she loved to be. Jennifer has a background in special needs and international education. Her specialist area is EFL, in particular, working with very young learners. Jennifer is passionate about helping children to communicate, and has had the privilege of working with children from many walks of life. She is interested in PECS, Makaton and of course, synthetic phonics. Jolly Phonics is a key feature of her teaching. Jennifer is director and teacher of her own language centre in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. The focus of the school is to provide children with synthetic phonics instruction in the most fun and memorable way!

    She is happy to travel in the Varna region to offer training and support.

    Varna region
  • Sadaf Asif

    Sadaf is an experienced teacher and the Head of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at her school. She is really passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge with others. Since implementing the Jolly Phonics programme in her school, children have shown tremendous results whilst becoming excellent readers and creative writers. Sadaf strongly believes that the ability to read and write is the basic right of every child and that no child deserves to be overlooked.

    Sadaf has conducted workshops and training sessions for her teachers. She is constantly working on creating fun and exciting activities to fully engage the children in the learning process. She is enthusiastic for shaping young minds to the thrill of learning regardless of learning styles or difficulties.

    “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”   (Nelson Mandela)

    0092 3005319089
    Pakistan and England
  • Meliha Chausheva

    Meliha ChaushevaMeliha Chausheva is a highly experienced kindergarten teacher. She has taught in several English kindergartens as the main teacher in Reception class. Her passion to make the learning process fun and exciting for the children made her search for other challenges. She sees the programme as a tool that allows children to develop their full potential through the exciting journey of learning. She is also pleased to observe children gaining self –confidence during the process. Meliha finds Jolly Phonics one of the most rewarding programmes as teachers can see the results of their work shortly after they have made the first steps. She is happy to share experience with other teachers around Bulgaria and on the Balkans.

    359 885 76 42 61
    Bulgaria and the Balkans
  • Olubusola Eshiet

    BusolaNewcastle upon Tyne

    Dr Olubusola Eshiet has facilitated training in Jolly Phonics, Jolly Phonics Extra and Jolly Grammar for several thousand teachers in Nigeria and some in Ghana. Her training and mentoring have helped teachers move from enduring English Language teaching to enjoying the subject. She continues to research the use of Jolly Phonics and is the research leader for Jolly Phonics Extra. She shares the results of her research at local and international conferences. Busola supports government bodies, teachers, and schools through Optimalpath Consulting Limited, her business based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England.

    +447538034840 (UK) or +2349092945174 (Nigeria)
    UK and International
  • Mphatso Rejoice Sapulani

    Mphatso-SapulaniMphatso has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Malawi. As an Early Year’s teacher, she has been using Jolly Phonics for more than three years and has seen remarkable, amazing, quick and encouraging results. Mphatso has seen children of Malawian, Chinese and Indian origin learn how to read English in a space of eight weeks. She recommends it as a vital resource for teaching English Literacy to children who are learning English as their second language

    +265 999360518
    Malawi and abroad
  • Michelle Fraser

    Michelle-FraserSouth Australia

    Michelle has been teaching R-7 students for 20 years, much of which, in category 1 schools with a huge diversity of students in terms of social disadvantage, learning needs and ethnicity. She has seen the impact of Jolly Phonics and the outstanding results that her students achieve with the programme. Michelle is keen to share her experiences with other teachers, so they too can make a difference to their students.



    Willing to travel
  • Hannah Friedwald


    Hannah Friedwald has been teaching phonics using the Jolly Phonics method in Reception for over 11 years. Through this experience Hannah has developed teaching ideas, games and interactive stimulating lessons for whole class and group work. Using Jolly Phonics, she has also been able to successfully integrate SEN children and struggling readers through fun and exciting multisensory activities, to enable easier progression which in turn promotes self-esteem.

    Hannah can give Jolly Phonics training to equip staff with the skills and techniques required to teach beginner readers and facilitate progression in phonics and integration of Literacy through all other areas of the curriculum.

    0208 732 8403
    07732 361019
    Greater London and the surrounding areas
  • Alice Louw

    A.-LouwAlice is a passionate and skilled teacher with over 15 years teaching experience. She was trained as a teacher in the UK and spent most of her time in the Foundation stage where her love of teaching early reading and writing skills begun. Alice has used the Jolly Phonics approach both the UK and South Africa and has achieved amazing success. Both teachers and children alike absolutely love Jolly Phonics and Alice is keen to share her knowledge and experiences with others.

    07 919 26773
    South Africa - willing to travel
  • Georgette Keolanui-Wilson

    Georgette-Profile-PicGeorgette is a native English speaker from Kamuela, Hawaii. She has been an EFL educator in Japan for over 13 years. She strongly believes in teaching synthetic phonics. Since using the Jolly Phonics programme her students have gained the necessary skills to help them become successful readers and writers of English. Her students and their families’ motivation to learn English soars once they grasp the core skills learned through the programme. She would love to share those skills with you and help you and your students build a strong phonetic programme by using Jolly Phonics.

    All of Japan / U.S. Military Installations within the Pacific Region
  • Susan Saleh

    Susan-SalehSusan Saleh, assistant headteacher and responsible for curriculum development (lower school), specialises in the Early Years in an International British School in Cairo. “I am a strong advocate of Jolly Phonics as I have witnessed amazing outcomes with all learners (EAL, children with learning disabilities and the gifted and talented). Children not only enjoy learning through this fun, animated, multi-sensory method but are stretched tremendously.” Teachers, parents and administrators have all taken a key interest into learning this methodology after witnessing the outstanding results. Susan has held many workshops – training both teachers and parents – whilst spreading her passion. She has also supported and supervised schools in introducing Jolly Phonics from the Early Years up through to Key Stage 1.

    Willing to travel
  • Alex Conley

    Alex-ConleyAlex Conley is from California, USA and he has lived and worked in Japan since May 2011. He is currently the Executive Director of Coar Inc., an English school and education services company, and works as an English teacher and teacher trainer. He has been using Jolly Phonics in an eikaiwa (English conversation school) for the last five years because he believes it’s the most efficient and effective way of teaching students to read and write. He hopes to share his experiences and knowledge with parents and teachers throughout Japan.


    080 6869 7771
    Tokyo, Chiba, Hiroshima and other regions of Japan with sufficient notice.
  • Anum Zehra Zaidi


    “I have graduated in Economics & Finance; however, my professional inclination is in training and development, early childhood education and child psychology. As a person, I love travelling, meeting new people, discussing ideas and exploring new opportunities.

    “I have been teaching and specialising in junior grades since 2012. I am a freelance trainer and have been training teachers, school administrators and parents on a regular basis. I believe that in a country like Pakistan, with a population of more than 190 million, there is a huge need for early childhood educators and professional trainers. Therefore, I decided to tap into this area so that I can wide the spread of my knowledge.”

    +92 336 209 3055
    Pakistan and abroad
  • Training in Ghana


    Training with Roberta Emma Amos-Abanyie and Janet Kyei

    Jolly Phonics Training

    Date: Wednesday 31st August and Thursday 1st September

    Time: 9am to 4pm

    Venue: GNAT Hall, Accra

    For more information or to book a place, please contact Alex Reimmer on telephone: 0244135573 or email:


    Training with Roberta Emma Amos-Abanyie

    Jolly Grammar Training

    Date: Friday 2nd September

    Time: 9am to 4pm

    Venue: GNAT Hall, Accra

    For more information or to book a place, please contact Alex Reimmer on telephone: 0244135573 or email:

  • Training in Oman


    Training with Shainaz Jussa

    Jolly Phonics Training

    Date: 17th and 18th August

    An in-depth and interactive workshop with plenty of practical ideas and fun activities.

    Get a glimpse of the training on our Facebook page

    For more information or to book a place, please contact Shainaz at or call (91) 2228490500 or (91) 9892772503

  • Training in Montenegro


    Training with Veselinka Avramov and Snežana Radović:

    Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar in the classroom

    Date: Thursday 25th and Friday 26th August 2016

    Time: Thursday 9:30 – 16:30, Friday 09:45 – 16:30

    Venue: British International School, Arcadia Academy, Tivat

    This course will take you through the basics of teaching Jolly Phonics and Grammar, including lots of practical classroom activities in a fun, multi-sensory way.

    To find out more look here, or to book a place contact Veselinka on, or Snežana on

  • Competitions!

    Win one of FIVE copies of My First Letter Sounds!

    We have an fantastic competition to win one of FIVE copies of our fantastic My First Letter Sounds board book.

    This competition is EXCLUSIVE to subscribers of the Bizziebaby newsletter. We’re not going to tell you how you can be in with a chance of winning; details of how to enter are ONLY available with the Bizziebaby newsletter dated Monday 12th September.

    This competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winners, who have all now been contacted via email!

    Deborah Wilson

    Emma Ounsworth

    Sonia Heryet

    Dave Edge

    Sarah Coghill


    Terms & Conditions:
    1) The promoter is Jolly Learning Ltd (company no. 2178683) whose registered office is at Tailours House, High Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6DL. 2) There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary. 3) Closing date for entry will be 30th September 2016. After this date no further entries to the competition will be permitted. 4) Winners will be chosen at random and notified within 28 days of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner. 5) We accept no responsibility for entries not received for whatever reason. 6) Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be void. 7) No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered, and the prizes are not transferable. 8) The information provided will be used in conjunction with our Privacy Policy which can be found here. 9) Jolly Learning Ltd’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. 10) Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.


    UWE Bristol Primary Ed Students – Jolly Phonics Resources CD Competition!

    Following our recent visit to UWE Bristol to run a workshop with the third year Primary Ed undergraduates, we are giving all students who attended the chance to win a copy of our Jolly Phonics Resources CD in preparation for their final placements!


    Only the UWE students who attended the workshop will know how to enter, keeping it exclusive to these students.

    This competition is now closed; congratulations to our winner… Hayley Rowe!


    Instagram Level 1 Paperback Readers Flash Competition!

    We’re running a flash competition to give away a set of our Level 1 Paperback Readers: Inky Mouse & Friends, Snake’s Amazing Tales AND Phonic’s Fantastic Friends!


    To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow our Jolly Learning Instagram page, and ‘like’ the competition photo. But be quick – this is a flash competition that is only running on Tuesday, 18th October, so you don’t have much time!


    Terms & Conditions:
    1) The promoter is Jolly Learning Ltd (company no. 2178683) whose registered office is at Tailours House, High Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6DL. 2) There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary. 3) Closing date for entry will be 18th October 2016. After this date no further entries to the competition will be permitted. 4) Winners will be chosen at random and notified within 3 days of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner. 5) We accept no responsibility for entries not received for whatever reason. 6) Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be void. 7) No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered, and the prizes are not transferable. 8) The information provided will be used in conjunction with our Privacy Policy which can be found here. 9) Jolly Learning Ltd’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. 10) Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Training in Egypt


    Training with Coral George:

    Jolly Phonics Training

    Date: Tuesday October 11th and Wednesday October 12th
    Time: 9am – 4pm
    Venue: Le Meridien Heliopolis – Marco Polo

    Ideal for teachers who are new to Jolly Phonics, or teachers who want to make sure that they are getting the best out of the programme.

    For more information or to book a place, contact


  • Training in Papua New Guinea


    Training by Betty Hinamunimo:

    Jolly Phonics Training

    Date: 12 – 16th December 2016
    Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
    Venue: Goroka 441, Eastern Highland Province

    The languages of Papua New Guinea today number over 850, making it the most linguistically diverse place on earth.

    The Jolly Phonic Program emphasizes on the correct production of each alphabet letter sounds in any languages to allow for blending of the sounds to read words. Teachers and instructors must be confident and accurate in their own ability to say each sound clearly and correctly. They must hear the sounds produced by students and determine whether the students say the correct sound.

    The training package is designed to allow you to hear the correct sound for each of 42 phonemes (making 20 distinct vowel alphabet letter sounds and 22 distinct consonant alphabet letters sound), to practice saying the sound correctly and to listen to a sound and determine if it was enunciated correctly.

    For more information, please contact Betty via email: or call: 67 570 482 297

  • Training in Bangladesh


    Training with Shainaz Jussa:

    2 days in-depth Jolly Phonics Workshop

    Date: 2nd and 3rd October, 2016
    Time: 0900 to 1600 hours
    Venue: The Learning Tree, Chittagong

    A two-day intensive training in synthetic phonics covering the essential skills and spelling rules. Plenty of practice for the participants to become perfect phonics teachers! Get a glimpse of the training on our Facebook page

    For more information or to book a place, please contact Shainaz at or call 9892772503 or 022 2840500 or visit 

  • Android version of the Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds App NOW AVAILABLE

  • Jolly Phonics in Mexico City

    Synthetic phonics has spread throughout the world as a teaching tool and Jolly Phonics has been seen as an extensive, child-centered, multi-sensory programme that allows for teachers to secure the learning of English for children; including those who have English as an additional language. Schools in Mexico have been finding that in using Jolly Phonics to learn English, it is a quick and entertaining way that children find fun and engaging.

    DESTECA have created a video showing just that! To watch it click here.

  • NOW AVAILABLE: My First Letter Sounds

  • Filming Jolly Phonics in Fiji

    The Jolly word continues to spread across the world, aiming to reach all children to support them in acquiring a high level of attainment in the English language by using Jolly Phonics. These videos from Geetanjali; the Acting Education Officer for Standardised Testing, Examinations and Assessment Unit, Ministry of Education, highlights how underperforming schools can benefit from the child centred, multi-sensory, synthetic phonics programme that is the wonderful Jolly Phonics!

    Watch the video on Literacy and Numeracy Strategies for Years 3 to 8 here.

    Watch the video on the use of Jolly Phonics training materials for Years 1 and 2 here.

  • Training in Russia

    Introduction to Jolly Phonics

    (All 10:00 – 17:00).

    22nd August – St Petersburg

    24th August – Yekaterinburg

    26th August – Perm

    27th August – Moscow

    28th August – Cheboksary

    30th August – Moscow

    For more information or if you would like to arrange a school visit please contact or +79219031771  

  • Training in Nigeria


    Training with Emmanuel Tai Osuntubo:

    Jolly Phonics Training

    Date: October 15th
    Time: 10am prompt
    Venue: Queen Esther International School, Yellow Bush Street, Gaduwa Estate, Abuja

    This workshop will highlight literacy learning in Early Years Foundation Stage using the Jolly Phonics methods and resources, concentrating on phonics, literature and writing.

    Contact Tai on 080233 16856 or Ebenezer on 080670 87758 for information or to book a place.


    Training with Emmanuel Tai Osuntubo:

    Jolly Grammar Training

    Date: November 19th
    Time: 10am prompt
    Venue: Funcare Royal Stars Schools, Karu Site,, Abuja

    This workshop will teach teachers the systematic ways to teach grammar, spelling and punctuation in Primary School using the Jolly Grammar programme.

    Contact Tai on 080233 16856 or Ebenezer on 080670 87758 for information or to book a place.


    Training with Kemi Adebajo:

    2 day Jolly Phonics workshop
    Date: Saturday 1st October and Monday 3rd October 2016
    Time: 10am prompt
    Venue: 25, Lucina Joseph, Off Yusufu Sanusi, Off Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere

    Please contact Kemi for information or booking: 080-2305-3064 or 09090000810


    Training in Abuja, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna, Uyo and Warri

    Jolly Phonics and Grammar training with Chelis Bookazine.



    Kaduna: Jolly Phonics training
    Date: Saturday 15th October 2016

    Lagos: Jolly Phonics training
    Date: Saturday 22nd October 2016

    Abuja: Jolly Grammar training
    Date: Saturday 29th October 2016


    Asaba: Jolly Grammar training
    Date: Saturday 5th November 2016

    Enugu: Jolly Grammar training
    Date: Saturday 12th November 2016

    For full details and how to book, please click here


  • Training in Sri Lanka


    Training by Kanthie Jayasekera:

    Jolly Phonics One Day Workshop

    Date: 15th October
    Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm
    Venue: YWCA, 7 Rotunda Gardens, Colombo 3

    This workshop will cover the 42 sounds with a multimedia presentation as well as blending/decoding/segmenting skills, looking at vowels and vowel combinations, practising r controlled vowels, looking at consonant blends and diagraphs. This workshop is interactive and will help toward the improvement of pronunciation and articulation.

    For further information, to look at the flyer or to book a place, please contact by email or by phone 077 630 69 66


    Training in Sri Lanka with Kanthie Jayasekera:

    Jolly Phonics and Grammar Training Courses 

    Venue: Methodist Church, Wesley Hall, Kandy

    Date: Every Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday

    Time: 1pm-5pm


  • Training in Indonesia


    Training with Khushbu Porwal:

    Jolly Phonics: Essentials of English reading and writing event

    Date: 29th October 2016

    Venue: Kinderfun Pre School, Bellagio Mall, Mega Kuningan

    This event will discuss the systematic approach to synthetic phonics and is aimed at learning about how phonics can improve your child’s reading and spelling skills and boost their confidence.

    For more information and to book, please contact Ms Lia on 0857-18180048 or (021)-30029864.

  • NEW USA Training Dates

  • Training in Malawi


    Training with Mphatso Sapulani:

    Jolly Phonics Training
    Date: Saturday 8th October 2016
    Time: 8am – 4pm
    Venue: Mzuzu Hotel, Mzuzu
    Course Content:
     This one day course will cover the following:

    • Introduction to synthetic phonics
    • Five skills in Jolly Phonics
    • Digraphs
    • Blending and Segmenting
    • Teaching of tricky words
    • Practising blending and segmenting
    • Teaching practice using all skills

    Please contact Mphatso for more information or to book your place:

  • Training in Russia


    Jolly Phonics Training Workshop – Saturday 28th November 2015 at the English Language School #12, 24, Kuchury Street. Pyatigorsk

    For more details email or call (863) 250-90-77/76



    Jolly Phonics Training Workshop – Saturday 5th December 2015 at
    School #8, 7 Krasnoarmeyskaya St. Krasnodar

    For more details email or call (863) 250-90-77/76

  • Training in Malaysia

    Johore Bahru

    Training by Creena Alison Wong:

    Jolly Phonics Training

    Date: 28th October 2016

    Time: 8.30 to 3.30pm

    Jolly Grammar Training

    Date: 29th October 2016

    Time: 8.30 to 3.30pm

    Venue: Kindizoo 18A, Jalan Indah 12/7, Taman Bukit Indah, 81110 Johore Bahru.

    For more information or to book a place, please contact or call 60168409055

    Petaling Jaya

    Training with Marcia Wong:

    A full day of Jolly Phonics Training

    Date: 3rd October

    Time: 9am to 3:30pm

    Venue: Taska Fairfield, No. 3 Jalan 5/37, Petaling Jaya Selangor

    Register by 23rd September for an early bird special!

    For further details please contact Marcia Wong: 010 2219422 or email: 

  • “The Grammar Handbooks are just the job…”

  • Training in Thailand

    Training by Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer Loch C Chapple organised by Jolly Kids Books

    Jolly Kids Books features Mr. Loch C. Chapple,  who is presenting an exclusive one-day training course on Jolly Phonics.  This course will be presented in both English and in Thai language with a Thai presenter. The course will be focused on raising literacy standards for pre-Kindergarten students utilising Jolly Phonics programmes.

    The schedule is as follows in both English and Thai language;

    17th September, 2016

    26th November, 2016

    Jolly Phonics introduces all the letter sounds with an action, song, and storyline for each of the 42 distinct sounds of the English alphabet. JP is an enjoyable, multi-sensory program for teaching the student how to “crack the code” of English and to successfully read and write for true comprehension.

    This program is typically used for both preschool and kindergarten years. Jolly Phonics is very suitable for parents to use at home school or just teach their children to read and write.

    Jolly Phonics easily and quickly engages the imagination of young minds. This engagement leads to quick and productive learning. Letter sounds, blending with segmenting, identifying sounds in words, learning correct letter formation, and “tricky words” are the 5 key components of the program.

    The Jolly Phonics course is designed for parents, educators, teachers, school headmasters, native and non-native speakers to teach phonics to young learners and enables them to become successful readers and writers.

    Course Fee: email or ID Line : @jolly_chadasaa   Limited seating available.

    For in school teaching or for Bulk student rate contact:

    Location: Jasmine City Hotel, Asoke Bangkok from 9.00 am.-5.00 pm.

    Fee includes all handouts, Jolly Phonics letter sounds flash card strip, a blending wheel, lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance.

    For more information or registration contact: or ID Line : @jolly_chadasaa or call 0894994462 English, 094 242 8265 Thai

  • Training in St. Lucia

    St Lucia

    Training by Elizabeth Nonweiler (UK trainer):

    Jolly Phonics training workshop: Friday 28th August 2015 at 9.00am in St Joseph’s Convent, Castries.

    This workshop is for early years teachers, on how to teach reading and writing with Jolly Phonics so as to have motivated children achieving outstanding results. Those interested in attending please email Sr Rufina Donat on

  • Training in Pakistan


    Training Fatima tuz Zahra:

    This is a workshop for early year teachers, who teach reading and writing. It will explain the principles of synthetic phonics, how to use Jolly phonics effectively in the classrooms, continue the program with Jolly Grammar and how to get motivated children who achieve outstanding results. Participants will learn how to use quality literature to support and extend The Jolly Learning experience.

    Date: Wednesday 12th August 2015

    Time: 9.00 – 14.00

    Venue: Global Institute Lahore 3- Aurangzeb Block New Garden Town

    Confirm your attendance by email to

    Download Registration Form from

    For information contact; 03100409500, 03008079480




    Training Fatima tuz Zahra:

    This is a workshop for early year teachers, who teach reading and writing. It will explain the principles of synthetic phonics, how to use Jolly phonics effectively in the classrooms, continue the program with Jolly Grammar and how to get motivated children who achieve outstanding results. Participants will learn how to use quality literature to support and extend The Jolly Learning experience.

    Date: Sunday 9th August 2015

    Time: 10.00 – 14.00

    Venue: NTI, School of Fashion Design, 18 Luqman Hakeem Road, G-6/3

    Confirm your attendance by email to

    Download Registration Form from

    For information contact; 03100409500, 03008079480



  • NEW: Grammar 4 Pupil Books

  • Jolly Phonics gets approval in Saudi Arabia

    Jolly Phonics gets approval from Saudi Arabia ministry of education

    The MOE has approved Jolly Phonics as a primary level curriculum to be applied in private schools. LEDS, the representative of Jolly Phonics in Saudi Arabia has worked with schools to show the progress children can make using Jolly Phonics. The MOE were shown the outstanding results achieved by the children and the impact that this kind of teaching can have. LEDS are proud of this step to implement Jolly Phonics widely in Saudi Arabia. Over 300 schools in Saudi Arabia are using Jolly Phonics for their primary levels and after school classes to improve the students literacy skills.

    Faten Salah, the GM of LEDS and the first to bring Jolly Phonics and implement it in Saudi Arabia said, “We will work harder after this approval to have Jolly Phonics given to all primary schools in Saudi Arabia, because we believe in the progress it makes and the joy of learning that all students need.” Faten and the LEDS team are committed to deliver the best support, training, and follow up to assure the professionalism and best strategies apply to Jolly Phonics in KSA schools, satisfying MOE requirements and standards.

  • Jolly Phonics in Nigeria

    Jolly Phonics is currently being used in all government schools in Akwa Ibom state, after training was given and materials were donated to schools there in 2010. In late August 2011 there was a 2nd wave of teacher training at the University of Uyo for government Early Primary School teachers.

    Jolly Phonics trials began in 6 schools in both Cross Rivers and Ebonyi states in September 2011. These trials were been arranged by our NGO partner there, Stepping Stones Nigeria. For more information on Stepping Stones Nigeria, visit

    In September 2011, the following achievements were made:

    1,600 Primary 1 and 1,600 Primary 2 Teachers were trained in Jolly Phonics.

    17 trainers carried out the training, funded by Jolly Learning Ltd.

    114,600 copies of Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 1 were printed locally, and 1,000 high-quality copies of the Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book were donated by Jolly Learning Ltd. These books are now ready for dispatch to the schools.

  • Louise Gittins talks about Jolly Phonics projects with Stepping Stones Nigeria

    Stepping Stones“Following a successful pilot study in 2010, myself and the Stepping Stones Nigeria team will be holding training in Akwa Ibom for 1,993 Primary 1 teachers, refresher training for the 1,445 Primary 1 teachers trained during the pilot, and further training for 2,292 Primary 2 teachers in August 2011.

    In Cross River State, Stepping Stones Nigeria has also been working closely with the Government and the University of Calabar to organize a pilot study. Jolly Phonics introductory training took place in Cross River in June, and further training for the monitoring team and teachers will take place in August. The pilot study will begin in September 2011, and will assess the reading skills of children taught using Jolly Phonics, against those taught using conventional methods.

    Our projects have had such success that 5 other states in Nigeria are currently interested in beginning pilot studies into the effectiveness of Jolly Phonics.

    To assist with difficulties that teachers have been facing when teaching Jolly Phonics in Nigeria, Stepping Stones Nigeria is currently creating a training video with Jolly Learning experts.

    Africa Magic will also soon begin showing the Jolly Phonics TV programme throughout Africa, following a suggestion by Stepping Stones Nigeria.”

    For more information on Stepping Stones Nigeria, visit


    Jolly Phonics was trialled in six state schools in Cross River State in Nigeria, starting in September 2012. The results of the pilot study, carried out by the University of Calabar and Stepping Stones Nigeria, demonstrated higher achievement on all nine measures used. This led to adoption of Jolly Phonics for all this state’s primary schools.

    To download Cross River State research results, click here
    To download Cross River State case study, click here

  • Match Funding available for Jolly Phonics products for schools in England

    Match-funding is available until March 2013 for all state-funded schools in England with Key Stage 1 pupils, including academies and Free Schools. The Department of Education will not provide funding direct to schools.

    Schools can decide which items from the catalogue best meet their requirements, and can make as many individual purchases as they wish, but will only receive match-funding up to a maximum of £3,000, that is, for a total spend of £6,000.

    The catalogue contains details of systematic synthetic phonics products and training, with instructions on ordering and on how to access the match-funding. Jolly Phonics products are included in the catalogue.

    To access the on-line catalogue produced by ESPO, please click here. Printed copies of the catalogue will be sent to all schools in England.

    Schools will only be able to access the match-funding by buying from the catalogue.

  • Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar Training in London

    Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar training courses were held in London on 18th & 19th October 2011. Trainer Elizabeth Nonweiler made the days informative, engaging and fun! She will also be running the upcoming ‘How to Implement and Use Jolly Phonics’ courses in Manchester, Nottingham and London.

    Here is what some of the teachers who attended thought:

    “Thank you for such an enthusiastic presentation – very engaging.” Reception Teacher, Surbiton High Junior Girls School

    “An excellent day with good ideas” Nursery & Reception Teacher, Orley Farm School