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Jolly Phonics and Grammar Training Courses

Training to suit your needs

The impact of training will help unlock every teacher’s potential to achieve greater success in the classroom. Whether you are using the Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar or Jolly Music programmes already, or just want to learn more about achieving the best results, we can provide a number of options.


Effective training can help you dramatically improve results in your school:

(You can click here to watch this video with Japanese 日本語 subtitles.)


To find out more about schools who raised reading and writing standards with Jolly Phonics, including the school featured in the above video, take a look at our Case Studies.


1. Take an online Jolly Phonics or Grammar training course

These training courses are delivered online and can be taken in the comfort and convenience of your own home or classroom. Packed with audio, text and digital footage, this course provides an interactive way to study. Upon successful course completion, a certificate and personal study record is sent to you.

To find out more visit where you can watch an overview of the course.


2. Current courses available around the world

Meet and network with other teachers. Get lots of practical ideas and advice from trainers who have used the programme successfully for a number of years and seen the difference it can make to children’s learning. The following courses are currently scheduled:



Nigeria – Jolly Phonics and Grammar Training



East Asia

Hong Kong – Jolly Phonics and Grammar Training

Japan – Jolly Phonics Workshops and Training



Italy – Jolly Phonics Training and Seminar

Russia – Jolly Phonics and Grammar Training

Slovakia – Jolly Phonics Conference

Spain – Jolly Phonics and Grammar and Music Training


Indian Subcontinent

India – Workshops on Jolly Phonics and Grammar 

Sri Lanka – Jolly Phonics and Grammar Training


South East Asia

Malaysia – Jolly Phonics Training

Singapore – Jolly Phonics Training

Thailand – Jolly Phonics and Grammar Training



N.Ireland – Jolly Phonics Training

England – Jolly Phonics and Grammar and Music Training

Scotland – Jolly Phonics and Grammar Training



Arizona – Jolly Phonics Workshop

Massachusetts – Jolly Phonics Workshop

Maine – Jolly Phonics Workshop

New York State – Jolly Phonics Workshop


3. Whole-school training with a Professional Trainer

Jolly Phonics Professional Trainers are experienced teachers who use Jolly Phonics in their school. They have achieved excellent results with the programme and are keen to help others do the same. Our trainers are able to provide synthetic phonics training tailor-made to include presentations for teachers for consistent whole-school training, as well as for parents, local education authorities and Ministries of Education all over the world. All our trainers work independently of Jolly Learning with any fees and costs being paid directly to the trainers. We encourage schools to make direct contact with the trainers to check availability and session content. To find your local Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer, please use the region links on the right hand side of this page.