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About our Professional Trainers

Who are they?

Jolly Phonics Professional Trainers are experienced teachers who use Jolly Phonics at their school. They have achieved excellent results with the programme and are keen to deliver effective synthetic phonics training in order to help others do the same.

Our Jolly Phonics Professional Trainers can provide tailor-made training:

• Whole-School training for a consistent approach to synthetic phonics

• Presentations for teachers / District Management (Local Education Authority, School Board, Ministry of Education).

• Presentations for parents

• School or District management-based training

What are their aims?

There is a shared support among authors, publisher and trainers for this kind of teaching and comprehensive synthetic phonics training. The driving motivation and common goal is seeing children achieve.

Do they work for Jolly Learning?

The Trainers work closely with Jolly Learning and are accredited by us, but are all independent of the company. All fees and expenses are negotiated and paid to the Trainer directly. Even if they are providing their services to Jolly Learning or any other training organisation, they remain freelance. We respect and support this independence as it ensures effective and unbiased synthetic phonics training with the childrens’ and teachers’ needs at the centre.

What are their fees?

Each Trainer’s fees and expenses should be discussed with them on an individual basis. Their fee will depend on when your event is, what is required, travel expenses and if they need to organise teaching cover for themselves. (Most of our Trainers are working teachers with an active knowledge of using synthetic phonics.)

How do I request a trainer for my school / organisation?

Request a trainer directly. Find the list of Trainers in your region page and contact them directly.

To find your local Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer, please visit our Where You Are section.