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Aarti Shah


Aarti Shah is the founder and director of ‘Academy for Crafting Education’ (ACE) which organises workshops on Jolly Phonics and Grammar programmes, Creative Writing, Handwriting Improvement, Storytelling and Music. She has 18 years of experience in the field of education and has served as a volunteer in NGOs like ‘Bhartiya Stree Shakti’, ‘Aasha Infinite Foundation’ and ‘Hollymead Elementary School’ (USA). Her Jolly Phonics workshops featured on Hindustan Times newspaper and Young pulse magazine.

With a Master’s in Education (IEA-Certification), Aarti is also certified in ‘Early Educator’s Professional Development Programme‘ from Harvard Graduate School of Education (Harvard University, USA). Aarti was accredited as a Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer in 2013 by Jolly Learning Ltd. She has also authored a book ‘Software Development for Professionals’ which was published in 2011 and continues to write for magazines.

Aarti seasoned the Jolly Phonics technique for a small Indian community while residing in the USA between 2007-2016 and has taught hundreds of children and trained their teachers, succeeding with excellent results. Her workshops are attended by participants form all over India, USA, Africa, UAE and Malaysia to name a few. Seeing her potential in transferring knowledge, Aarti was invited to conduct teacher training programme by prestigious schools, educational institutes and NGOs.

“I can’t believe there’s a profession that is so unconditionally associated to what I love. Teaching for me is fun, challenging, absorbing, invigorating, and I couldn’t have got it any other way.”