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Ms. Aarti Gupta


Aarti holds an MBA in HR and Montessori training, a Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education, and qualified CTET (Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test). She currently works as a Montessori teacher at Choithram School, Manik Bagh and is running her recently started phonics club “LinguaVOCE”, in the evening teaching purely through Jolly Phonics.

It has been five years since Aarti first came across and began teaching with Jolly Phonics and she cannot think of a day teaching without it! Aarti and her students, find the teaching and learning enjoyable through Jolly Phonics. Her students have shown wonderful results, which were not expected for their age. Aarti now thinks every child on the earth should learn the language through Jolly Phonics, to better start their English acquisition and have a enjoyable experience in the process.

Aarti is ready and in a position to answer queries that come along from teachers, parents and anyone with an interest. She sees the importance of teaching parents the programme for the betterment of their children. Aarti believes Jolly Phonics is the way!