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You expressly consent that we may use the personal data you have given to us in the order solely for the purpose of delivery of your order. Your email address will be added to our newsletter mailing list (opt out available) but all other data is deleted from our server and local machines upon the completion of your order. Our obligations under this agreement include but are not limited to the disclosure of your personal data to the companies and organisations engaged to supply and deliver the product to you including without limitation printers of the products, couriers and other relevant postal authorities, any other person and/or organisation engaged by us to fulfill your order and all other relevant authorities who are entitled to or to whom we owe a legal obligation to the disclosure of your personal data. You acknowledge that after having been advised of the purposes and circumstances under which your personal data may be used, processed and disclosed to other parties as detailed in these terms and conditions and on the web site you explicitly consent to the disclosure and the transfer of your sensitive personal data to the printers of the products, and relevant postal authorities.